Home Part 2

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Spencer's P.O.V.

As we walked outside the hotel doors I noticed that Lauren was waiting in the van with her headphones in and looking down at her phone. I looked up at Camila and frowned.

"Camila?" I questioned. She looked down and smiled. "Why does Lauren hate me so much?"

A sad look appeared on her face. "She doesn't hate you. Lauren is just a special person who can be very outspoken, I promise she does not hate you."

For some reason I was completely unconvinced. But I understand why. A little girl comes out of nowhere and invades a group of strangers. As scared as I am, I almost feel guilty for taking advantage of their hospitality.

"Hey Spencer what are you thinking about?" I looked up and saw Ally's warm eyes looking into mine.

I shrugged my shoulders "nothing."

"Okay love." She smiled and helped me into the car. When I settled in I noticed another person sitting in the front seat.

"Spencer, this is Big Rob. He's our body guard." Body Guard? Why would they need a body guard? He turned around a gave me a warm smile.

I gave a small wave "hi."

"Hey kiddo. It's nice to meet you. I've heard nothing but sweet things from the girls." He winked at me and turned his head starting the car.

It was Big Rob in the drivers seat, Lauren in the passengers, then Normani, Ally and I in the middle while Camila and Dinah sat at the back.

"So Spencer you ready to see California?" Dinah asked behind me.

"Yes. But what about here? What about my foster home?" I doubt they actually care or are even looking for me but I don't want the girls to get in trouble because of me.

"Don't sweat it bug. We talked to our management team and they are taking care of everything. They just want you safe and they all agreed we are the best." She winked at me and brushed some baby hairs out of my face.

"Management team?" I was so lost. Why do they need a team and a body guard?

"It's a long story love. We will tell you when we get home. Just relax and we will be at the air port soon."

Air port? We're getting on a plane? Oh no. I absolutely hate planes and heights. I could feel my breath getting heavy and my vision starting to blur. I wanted to hold back the tears but they started to immediately stream down my face.

"Hey, Spencer are you okay?" I looked up at Ally and the tears came faster. I could feel my lungs tightening.

"C-can't....B-breathe." Was the only thing I could choke out before Ally saw what was happening.

"Guys!" Ally yelled. "She is having a panic attack!" She took my face into her hands and looked at me. "Spencer focus on me baby, okay? I need you to look at me and match my breathing. In and out, in and out." I listened to her and did what she said. "Good girl, that's it, with me. In and out." My breathing evened out and my vision wasn't such a blur. But I was still shaking. I looked up and noticed all eyes where on me. Normani had tears in her eyes and was holding on to my hand for dear life. Camila and Dinah were both trying to climb over the seats to see me and even Lauren had a worried expression.

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