Home Part 1

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Spencer's P.O.V

"Well... You all seem like amazing people but I'm scared. You're the only people showing me nothing but kindness and it's so new. You took care of me and I trust you all." I lifted my head up and wiped my eyes. I looked at the four girls who were siting waiting for my answer. Each one was crying and it broke me that they all cared so much. How can anyone love me this much?

"Yes." I figured that one word would answer the question perfectly. And it worked even better then I intended. All four of the girls jumped into me and screamed in excitement. One of them hit my side and I felt a shooting pain go through my body. I winced a little but no one noticed.

"I'm so excited! We're going to have so much fun! Well I mean as soon as you get better of course." Normani was jumping up and down with Dinah right beside her.

"So when do we leave?" Camila asked.

"In a few hours. We have enough time to pack up and head to the air port. As much as I love Canada I'm ready to go home." Ally smiled and kissed my cheek before heading out of the room.

"Alright babe, why don't you go take a shower and the rest of us will get everything packed and ready to go. Is that okay?" Camila asked rubbing my arm soothingly. I smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Dinah can you go help Spencer with removing her bandage and show her how the shower works and everything." I looked over at Dinah and she gave me a smile.

"Of course. Come on, let's go get you ready." She reached out her hand gesturing me to take it. My legs where still a little wobbly and I lost my balance when I placed all my weight on them. I almost hit the floor but Dinah caught me before I could.

"Woah there little one." She held onto my waist to steady me. Don't worry I got you." She smiled.

My head was still pounding but I figured complaining about it would only make it worse so I kept my mouth shut. My whole body felt like it weighted 1000 pounds but Dinah managed to get me in the bathroom before I fell again.

"Here sweetie, sit here on the edge of the tub and I'll take off your bandage." She lead me over to the edge and I sat down. "Then I will show you how to turn it on." She got down on her knees and slowly started to unwrap my head.

"If I hurt you just tell me okay?"


After about 5 minutes Dinah had gotten everything off and showed me how to use the shower and which shampoo to use.

"If you need anything or something happens just yell and one of us will come to help you." Then Dinah left leaving me alone in the bathroom. I walked over and locked the door then walked over to the mirror. I looked at myself and saw nothing but shame. Here I am standing in a hotel bathroom with a bunch of strangers right outside the door. I barely know where I am and have no idea how to get back home.

"Why are you here? What changed that made me want to leave?" I asked myself. "Why can't I remember?" I touched the cut on my forehead and traced the outline of it. "What happened to me?" A single tear rolled down my cheek. So many questions and I can't answer any of them. I looked at myself one more time before taking off my clothes and turning on the shower. I slowly pulled the curtain back and stepped in carefully steadying myself. When the water touched my skin I could feel the sting due to the cuts that covered me. I winced in pain as I tried to clean as much off me as I can. It was then I noticed a cut on my hip. It came up and went on an angle almost reaching my belly button. It was still red so it must have been new and of course I couldn't remember. It hurt but it's not nearly as bad as the one on my head, I'll just ignore it and tell the girls later. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and started washing all the dirt out of my hair. I got all the dirt and spots off before seeing all the marks that ran across my body. I stood there and studied each one hoping they would give me answers. But of course I can't remember anything.

"Spencer are you okay in there? You've been in there a while!" I heard Ally yell through the door making me jump.

"How long was I in here for?" I asked myself. Then a knock came again and twisting of the door handle.

"Spencer! You okay?" Ally yelled through the door again.

"Yeah, I'm okay Ally. Sorry." I leaned over and turned off the water.

"Okay, the girls and I are almost done and we have an outfit waiting for you on the bed when you're ready." I opened the shower curtain. "Okay, thank you." I stepped out and wrapped myself in a towel and dried myself off.

I opened the door and started walking back to the room where the girls slept. I noticed some clothes laying on the end of the bed. It was a pair of track pants and a big sweater that read "1975" on it. I pulled on both and stood there. The pants where way to long and the sweater was way to big. I giggled to myself trying to walk out and meet the girls in the other room. I walked down the hall and saw Camila siting on the couch with her phone.

"Hey, Spencer did you find the-" she looked up from her phone. "oh my gosh." Camila stared laughing and walked over. "I guess there a little big huh?" She smiled and I nodded. "Just a little bit." I tugged on the sleeve that was falling down off my shoulder.

"Here let me see." She took the ends of the track pants and rolled them up until they were siting on my ankles. She then took my shirt and rolled up the sleeves and tried her best to make it look a little better. "You know, this is one of my favourite sweaters." She smiled and cupped my cheeks. "But I guess you can wear it for today." I smiled. "Thank you"

"You're welcome sweetheart." She then looked at my hair. "Would you like me to brush out your hair and put it up for you?" I nodded in agreement and she lead me to the couch and started brushing it out. She then put it up in a quick bun and turned me around until I was face to face with her. "Your head looks much better sweetie. Does it still hurt?" Camila reached out and slowly traced the mark on my forehead. I winced and pulled back a little. "Yeah just a little bit." I smiled not looking into her eyes. "It's okay baby, here just give me a second." She got up and disappeared down the hall. She reappeared again with another bandage but this time smaller. "This will do until we can get you to a doctor back home." She slowly placed in on my cut and tried not to hurt me in the process. "There, all done." She smiled and I returned it. "Thank you Camila." Then Ally came in with Dinah and Normani.

"The cars all packed and every one is ready to go. You guys ready?"

"Yup where all set." Camila kissed my cheek and got up. She took my hand in hers.

"Let's go home then." Normani smiled and we all left the hotel.

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