Sick Days

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Spencer's P.O.V.

I rolled over and my head was pounding. My throat felt like it was on fire while my body was shaking with cold sweat. I tried to sit up but my arms started to wobble and I fell back onto  the sheets. I glanced over at the clock and it was early. But the sun still managed to seep through the blinds making my head throb. I squeezed my eyes shut rolling back over towards the wall. The sudden movement caused my chest to ache and I let out a series of violent coughs. I felt tears brim my eyes when I could barely catch my breath.

I heard the door creak open and I groaned at the sound when a bright light filled the once dark room. "Spence? Sweetie are you okay?" I heard Normani ask as she walk over towards the bed siting down on the edge. I felt a tickle in my throat, starting a whole new coughing fit. From the slight light coming from the hallway I could see Normani's worried face. She leaned over putting her hand on my forehead. She winced slightly at the contact. "Oh baby, you're burning up." I whimpered at her voice. "I'm going to grab the girls. I'll be right back." Her voice was lower. She flashed me a small smile before leaving the room.

All of sudden a wave of nausea hit me. I held my hand over my mouth, stumbling out of bed running towards the bathroom. I made it just in time, as I leaned my head over the toilet and threw up all the contents that were in my stomach. Hot tears fell down my cheeks when the burning only hurt my throat more. All of a sudden I felt someone throw my hair up and start rubbing my back. "I'm here baby." Another wave hit and I leaned back over dry heaving. Once it was over I wiped my mouth and slumped up against the toilet. "Thank you Camila." My voice was so hoarse it barley came out as a whisper.

"Can you stand baby girl?" I glanced up and Camila had her hand out ready to take mine. I slowly started to stand but lost my balance almost ending up in the toilet. "Whoa!" She grabbed my waist holding on tight. My head started to spin slightly and I closed my eyes. "Camila... I don't feel good." Steady tears fell down my cheeks. I felt Camila lift me up, flushing the toilet, bringing me back to bed. She put me down slowly, pulling the blankets back up over my body. "I'll be right back baby." She ran her hand over my forehead pushing my hair back. She leaned down kissing my forehead before getting back up, leaving the room.

My body was freezing but I couldn't stand to keep the blankets on. I kicked them off, coughing heavily. I laid there staring off, trying to push the headache back but it was only getting worse. My stomach was stirring but nothing was left to come up. The door opened again revealing Camila with an arm full of items. "Can I turn the light on?" I immediately shook my head cringing at the thought. Her expression softened, making her way over.

"Ally said this should help." She opened a small container with a dark liquid inside. She poured out the liquid onto a spoon. I could smell it from here almost making me gag again. "I know baby, but trust me it will help. And you can rinse it down with water after." She lifted up a water bottle placing it on the night stand. I let out a sigh picking myself up leaning back on the headboard. She brought the spoon to my lips and I pushed past the horrible taste swallowing it.

"Here drink this." She passed me the water placing it to my lips. I gulped it down quickly before she pulled away. "Not too fast. Small amounts sweets." I sat back on the bed shaking. I watched Camila's expression tense looking down at me. She pulled the blankets back up but I pushed them away. "No... too hot." I let out a shaky breath but my throat started to burn again and I couldn't help but start coughing.

I could barely catch my breath making Camila panic. "ALLY!" Immediately Ally rushed through the door. "What's wrong?" Camila's head snapped around. "She won't stop coughing, and she's burning up but won't stop shaking. I don't know what to do?" Her voice broke bringing her attention back to me. "Calm down Mila. It's okay. Let me check." Camila picked herself up off the bed allowing Ally to take her spot.

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