Almost There

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Camila's P.O.V.

Ally booked the flight to Canada for the next morning. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. We still had mountains of paper work but it all seemed less hopeless. Spencer was coming home and I don't want to waste any time adopting her. There is no way in hell I'm letting her sit in foster care and have the chance of someone else adopting her. No fucking way.

"Camila! Come on we have a flight to catch!" Lauren yelled at me through the car window. I pulled my luggage down the stairs and ran over to the car. I threw the luggage in the trunk and hopped in the back with Dinah and Normani.

"Let's go get our girl back!" Lauren pulled out of the driveway and took off down the road. When we reached the end of the street my heart skipped a beat. "Wait!" I yelled making Lauren stomped on the breaks. "Camila!? What the hell! What's wrong?" My face was red with embarrassment. "I forgot something." I heard Lauren cures under her breath but she quickly turned around and drove back to the house.

"I'll be right back." I crawled over Dinah and flew up the drive way. On the table was Spencer's bear. This time I'm actually going to give it back. I raced back down the driveway and I could see the girls smiling.

"What?" When I settled back in the car everyone was giving me 'aw' looks. "You're too sweet Mila." Dinah kissed my cheek and I returned it. "Every little girl needs her stuffed animal." I grinned from ear to ear holding onto the bear.


The flight was absolutely dreadful. The whole time I couldn't shut my brain off. The continuous thoughts about Spencer wouldn't stop. The biggest one was, what if they made her hate us and she chooses to stay in foster care? I don't think I could handle the heartache.

When we reached the hotel Normani tugged on my arm. "You okay? You haven't spoken much." I pushed myself out of the car and grabbed my luggage. "I'm fine Mani. Just excited." I kissed her cheek, catching up with Dinah.

"D? Can I ask you something?" Dinah turned facing me with a smile. "Can I think about it?" Her eyes twinkled with mischief and a smirk crept along her face. I punched her arm laughing. "Fine I'll go ask Ally then." I stuck my tongue out rushing forward to Ally. But I felt a hand wrap around my arm yanking me back. "I was kidding. What is it?" I ignored her as we walked into the lobby.

"Come on Mila! I was kidding. I want to know!" I crossed my arms over my chest trying to hold a frown. But as soon as Dinah gave me her puppy dog eyes I folded. "Alright! Just stop with the eyes!" She laughed holding her arms in the air. "I win! Now tell me."

I grew nervous as I fiddled with my fingers. "Well I wanted to ask you something." She smiled telling me to continue, "Do you think Spencer would ever choose foster care over us?" I was a little taken back when Dinah jumped into my arms squeezing me. "No fucking way! She loves you way too much! I mean I think the rest of us are kinda just there in her mind. She's coming home with us." Dinah tilted my head up and I looked into her eyes. "And if she says no then I don't care. If I have to drag her out myself then I will." I let out a small laugh, hugging Dinah back.

"When did you become such a good advice giver?" Dinah shrugged. "I'm a woman of many talents." She winked and laughed.

"Come on! Our rooms ready!" Dinah and I heard Lauren yell from the lobby elevator. "Coming!" We both ran to the elevator quickly, making it in.

"What were you two talking about over there?" Ally asked pushing our floor number. I gave Dinah a wink, "just living arrangements. For example, I'm bunking with Lauren because she's the only one who doesn't snore." The grin on my face grew when everyone's faces looked hurt.

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