Don't You Dare

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Dinah's P.O.V.


"Lauren slow down." I yelled at a pissed off Lauren walking through the hotel lobby.
"Why should I slow down? It's not like you guys care about me! If you did you would have left me at that party enjoying my fucking night, but instead I'm back here on our last night babysitting some kid who has no one!" Lauren screamed at all of us before pushing the elevator door button.
"We know you're angry but-

"But nothing! I'm going to kill that little girl! I was having a great time!" She looked over and walked into the elevator with Camilla and I close behind her.

"Lauren you don't mean that you're drunk right now. You don't know what you're saying." Camila spoke for the first time since her outburst.

"Well I sure as fuck know what I'm feeling and I pissed off!" The doors soon opened and she rushed out speed walking down the hall to our room.

"Slow down and think about what you're saying Lauren!" But it was too late she had already opened the door and was in the room. Camila and I ran fast before the door closed and saw Lauren waiting inside.

As we closed the door Normani and Ally soon came walking down the hallway that lead to the bedrooms.

"Where is she? I asked in a panic looking at Lauren's face.

"We just put her to sleep, why? Ally asked concerned.

"I think Lauren wants to kill her."

*End of flashback*

"What the hell are you talking about?" Normani asked while looking at Lauren who was standing in the centre of the room pissed as fuck.

"What she means is, who ever this little girl is she better watch out because I was having a great night and she ruined it!" Lauren screamed before walking to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

"Wow, I have never seen her this angry or drunk before. What the hell did she drink at that party?" Normani asked.

"Honestly I don't know. We were all off doing are own thing. But when we found her she was about to take something but we got there before she could." Camila looked over her shoulder towards the bedroom.

"Is she sleeping?"

"I hope so, she was in real bad shape when we found her in the park."  Ally said with a sad voice. How bad could she have been?

"So you just found her in the park?" I asked curious looking at both Ally and Mani.

"Yeah, basically. Ally and I were just walking and talking when we heard a noise from the bushes. Then all of a sudden she stumbled out and Ally caught her before she could fall and hurt herself more. She has a large cut running down her forehead along her eyebrow and her arms and legs are covered in scratches." Normani explained.

"Shit... That does sound bad.  Do you know old she is or her name?" I asked curious.

"No, we never asked for her name and I think she might be 7 or 8. After we cleaned her up she has the most adorable green eyes. They almost look like Lauren's but have a bit more grey to them." Ally said siting down, turning on the television.

"We leave tomorrow afternoon. What are we going to do with her?" Camila asked what everyone was thinking.

"She is going back to wherever she came from because we are not taking her or taking care of her." That's when everyone noticed Lauren had come out of the bathroom with her makeup off and standing in the doorway. I was about to speak but Normani beat me to it.

"We're not just going to throw her back. She's not a fish Lauren! She looked so scared tonight. We should ask her tomorrow when she wakes up."

"You know what, fuck you guys! You never listen to me or give me the attention I deserve!" Lauren screamed before stumbling down the hallway pissed.

"Well, tell us how you really feel why don't ya." Camila said low enough for her not to hear.

We all cracked a smile. But it soon faded because we all were thinking the same thing. What are we going to do about the little girl sleeping in our hotel room?

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