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Hands to my self  by Jaureguicharm
Hands to my self by Jaureguicharm
One risk can lead you to your future! Translated: not my original story Credit to original writer
The Bet ( CAMREN ) / COMPLETED  by LezBrittMichalek
The Bet ( CAMREN ) / COMPLETED by LezBeHonest
Best Ranking: #1 In allybrooke #1 in harmonizer #2 in normally #3 in camilizer...
Claimed••CAMREN (G!P)(Paused) by millieshelly
Claimed••CAMREN (G!P)(Paused)by mm
Call it kidnap all you want. Camila prefers claim. Lauren fell hard. So hard....... ************** Read to find out. Camila G!P Cause I think it's hot.
The Boss by Jaureguicharm
The Bossby Jaureguicharm
Lovers without realizing it Converted
Do or Not (Camren) by TobiJaurello
Do or Not (Camren)by Tobi
When Softball team captain Lauren Jauregui, stumbles upon a Student Assistant named Camila Cabello, her life wasn't the same. All she knew is that Fridays, were Camila D...
Mariquita by planetpisces
Mariquitaby planetpisces
MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING! Please refrain from reading this if you're easily triggered.. (Camren)
Strawberries and Cigarettes (Camren AU) by TobiJaurello
Strawberries and Cigarettes ( Tobi
"Strawberries and cigarettes, always taste like you." Highest rank: #1 - #camilacabello (10/27/2020) #1 - #camren (11/04/2020) #2 - #...
Motocross (Camren fic) by VividDreamer25
Motocross (Camren fic)by Vivid Dreamer
Lauren Jauregui, 18, motor cross champion 3 years in a row & well respected. She could have anyone she wants, guy or girl but she's never really given anyone the time of...
Outcast- Adopted By Fifth Harmony by Living-Thoughts
Outcast- Adopted By Fifth Harmonyby Write To Escape
Spencer Johnson. A 7 year old girl with a heartbreaking past. Her parents died when she was 4 and has been living in Foster Care ever since. But as an outcast she was ne...
Don't Let Go | Camren by ShayRifa
Don't Let Go | Camrenby شــــــريـــــفه 💛
After she loses her father and all her precious possessions, Camila meets Lauren who shares a similar fate. This book underlines the importance of the family and the bou...
It Takes As Long As It Takes (Camren)  by notthatkindofbean
It Takes As Long As It Takes ( Valerie
"Can you please just tell her this for me then? This one thing, and I'll leave you alone. Please. Tell her I'll wait for her every Sunday at 10 AM where we first me...
off camera. by laurenjauregvii
off lern jergi 🦁
Camila started YouTube as an escape from the loneliness she feels as she grows apart from her childhood best friend, Lauren. She never expects it to become a career, to...
Pretty Girl Tears by herefornoreasons
Pretty Girl Tearsby herefornoreason
Success is something desired by many.. Camila Cabello however knew that the very word was next to impossible to achieve.. so she created her own version with her abrasiv...
Camren one shot smuts by I_Ms_lonely_
Camren one shot smutsby Hange's whore <3
I'm probably never going to finish this, it's just not that deep for me anymore, my apologies y'all.
Fifth Harmony Texts (Camren/Norminah) by SatanIsMyHomie
Fifth Harmony Texts (Camren/ Your Moms “Friend”
⚠️WARNING! MY FIRST FANFIC! VERY CRINGE AND SOME GRAMMAR ERRORS⚠️ I started writing this in middle school, read at your own risk a lot of memes and funny texts most impr...
The Skateboard Accident (Camren) by chicamundial24
The Skateboard Accident (Camren)by chicamundial24
"move out the way....WATCH OUT!!!" "ouch" camila's class (seniors) take a feild trip to a near by college. but what camila will think it's going to b...
Fresh Start by wowzars19
Fresh Startby wowzars19
Lauren Jauregui, 23, a single mother of a 6 year old girl. Camila Cabello, 22, singer/songwriter and a multiple award winning artist. You might be wondering how these tw...
the green of your eyes by laurenjauregvii
the green of your eyesby lern jergi 🦁
Camila has spent the last few months of her life talking to a girl who she thinks she's falling for. But she has no idea who the girl actually is, or what she looks like...
Bully or friend (Camren) by artwxrks
Bully or friend (Camren)by sapphicartwxrks
What would you do if your friend chose you over popularity? Based in the 90s, Camila finds herself rekindling her friendship with Lauren after trying to forget the past...