Black Out

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Spencer's P.O.V.

* 3 days later *

It's been about a week since I was brought to California. Almost a week with no signs of my memory coming back, other then my nightmares. Close to a week with two sets of stitches on my body and the best week because of the five wonderful girls that I now consider my role models. My side was healing well and the redness had gone down. My forehead still looked rough but it looks worse then it feels. And the brace on my wrist was taken off. Overall, I was doing okay.

All six of us where outside hanging out and talking when we heard a crack of thunder come from the distance.

I looked around at all the girls "what was that?" I looked out over the city and dark clouds were coming our way and fast.

"Don't worry Spence, it's just thunder. Nothing to be scared of." Dinah placed her hands on my shoulder giving it a small squeeze.

"Come on everyone! Inside before it starts to rain!" Ally shouted towards us and we all quickly ran inside trying not to get caught in the rain. Within seconds of us getting inside the rain started to come down, hard.

"Dawg that was so close!" I looked out towards the doors and noticed something still siting on one of the sofas. It was my bear that Camila and Lauren got me! I quickly ran over to the door and began to open it but I felt a pair of hands wrap around me before I could.

"Spence are you crazy!? What are you doing its pouring out!" Camila spun me around so I was facing her. "I forgot my bear outside!" I started to cry not sure what else to do. I felt so bad. She looked over past me and out the glass door.

"Oh baby, it's okay. Don't cry." She wiped my cheeks. "I'll be right back." She then got up and opened the door.

"Wait! You're going to get wet." I said trying to pull her back in. "It's okay. I'll be two seconds." She ran out quickly and made her way over to the sofa. She picked up my bear nearly slipping and bolted back in. To say she was wet was an understatement. She was soaked, head to toe.

"Damn Mila it's really coming down out there." Normani spoke coming over, handing her a towel.

"Yeah just a little bit." She laughed wrapping the towel around herself as she leaned down to my height. "I believe this is yours madam." She handed me my bear and I reached to grab it. It was a little wet but nothing a little drying can't help. "Thank you Camila." She smiled but it quickly faded. She had an evil look in her eye.

"Why don't you come and give me a hug?" She came closer reaching out her hands. "No way! You're all wet!" I backed up trying to gain some distance.

"Exactly." She laughed and came for me. I ran in the opposite direction escaping the kitchen.

"What did I say about running in the house!" Ally yelled at both of us. But Camila was right on my trail not caring about Ally's rules.

I ran into the living room and hid behind the couch. "I wonder where Spencer went?" I let out a giggle but quickly put my hand over my mouth.

"Was that a giggle I heard?" Footsteps were getting closer and I got up from behind the couch and tried to make a run for it. But in my attempt I flew straight into Camila's arms.

"Gotcha!" She lifted me up rubbing her wet damp clothes all over me and let her wet hair drip on me. "No Camila! Stop you're all wet!" I tried to wiggle out of her embrace but it was useless she had me right where she wanted me. "Not until you say Camila is the best person in the whole universe!"

"Never!" I laughed still trying to escape. "Well, I guess I'll just have to tickle you then!" She started to tickle my sides and in my last attempt to gain freedom I yelped out in pain.

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