The Phone Call

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Spencer's P.O.V.

It was 7:30 in the morning when I felt the warm sun hit my back. It took me a minute but I soon realized that I had two pairs of arms around me. I opened my eyes and noticed Camila was behind me with her arms loosely draped around my waist while Lauren was in front of me with her arms around both of us. I was in the middle of a Camren sandwich. At least that's what Dinah calls them. I could hear other snores and I'm guessing they belong to Normani, Dinah and Ally.

That's when I heard a voice. It was Ally's. She was quite but it sounded like she was talking to someone.

"Yes I know that. Well I don't know what to tell you." She stopped. "The fact that's it's been a week is suspicious to me. Fine, fine I'll tell them. But this is not fair." She let out a sigh. "By the end of the day? Okay. I'll call you later." Then the talking stopped and I heard feet coming down the hallway. I quickly closed my eyes not wanting Ally to know I heard some of that conversation.

When I noticed that Ally never came into the living room I guessed she went to the kitchen to start breakfast. I slowly unraveled myself from both Camila's and Lauren's embrace siting up. I giggled seeing that Dinah was hugging Normani like a teddy bear.

I carefully walked over everyone's feet and bodies making my way to the kitchen. I could hear some pots and pans being moved around then Ally came into view. She was bent over grabbing a pan from under the stove. Then I heard crying. Was Ally crying?

I walked in, "good morning Ally." She quickly turned around and wiped some tears out of her eyes. She put on a smile , "good morning baby. How did you sleep?" Her voice broke as she asked me.

"Ally why are you crying?" She turned away and went over to the fridge grabbing some eggs. "Do you like scramble eggs?" I nodded and walked over to Ally. Silent tears were falling down her cheeks. I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. It took a minute but eventually she turned picking me up, hugging me back.

"I'm so sorry Spence. I'm so sorry." She mumbled into my shoulder. I was confused. Why was she sorry? Who was she talking to earlier that upset her like this?

"What are you sorry about?" She lifted her head and looked at me. "You know what." She smiled. "Why don't you help me with breakfast. We can surprise the girls with an All American Texan Breakfast." I giggled not knowing what she meant by that but the thought of Ally crying was still in the back of my mind.

"Okay. But after will you tell me why you where crying?" She ran her fingers through my hair. "You're so beautiful did you know that?" She put me down and grabbed some bread.

"Here want to make some toast?" She handed me the bread and lead me over to the toaster. I popped a couple in while Ally made some bacon and eggs.

I was so lost in thought trying to figure out why Ally was crying and acting so weird that I didn't even notice Ally was calling my name.

"Spencer!" I snapped my head up looking at her. She giggled. "The toast babe." She pointed towards the toaster and they had already popped. "Oh right sorry."

"You and your Canadian way." I looked up very amused by what she meant. "My Canadian way?" She turned and gave me a smirk and laughed.

"You say sorry all the time and it's so cute because I know Canadians say that a lot." Ally continued to cook while I hopped off the counter. "What else do we do huh?" I laughed smirking at her.

"Let me think. Ohh you all say "eh"." I laughed at her statement. "We all don't say that. My dad used to but that doesn't count." Her smile grew. "Well what about the polar bears?" Okay really Ally?

"I don't live in the North Pole you silly!" Ally bend down picking me up spinning me around. "I'm not silly. I'm just uneducated. So why don't you tell me about home?" She set me down on the counter beside the stove while she continued to cook. "We have a lot of snow! I remember making snowman and snow angles with my mom." I let out a small laugh thinking about the memory. "She would make me hot chocolate with little marshmallows in it but I would always pick them out and eat them. I would never actually drink the hot chocolate."

"What else Spence?" Ally was just finishing up breakfast, putting it all out on plates. "It's really pretty! I remember we were going to our cottage once and we passed all these trees with changing leafs. We used to go out and take walks." The memory made me smile. I miss that.

"You okay love?" I hadn't noticed a single tear was rolling down my cheek. "Perfect." I wiped it away hopping down ready to deliver The All American Texan Breakfast.

"Those were beautiful stories love. Thank you." Ally kissed my forehead pushing some hair out of the way. "Now you ready to wake up the girls?" I laughed, "So ready!"

We had all the food in our hands as we walked down the hallway. All the girls were still passed out on the floor. Dinah and Mani were cuddling while Lauren was spread out with Camila in a ball off in the corner. I couldn't help but laugh. Ally and I slowly made our way and set the food down. We both smirked at each other before jumping on the girls.

"WAKE UP IT'S TIME FOR BREAKFAST!" I yelled jumping directly on Lauren.

"What the fuck?!" Lauren jumped almost knocking me off her. I looked at her and giggled. "Good morning LoLo." She gave me a confused look, "LoLo?"

"Yeah that's your nickname!" She smiled grabbing me taking me in her arms. "I love it!" I looked over and Ally was still trying to wake up Mani and Dinah. Well mostly Dinah.

"You want to wake up camz or should I?" I looked over and Camila was still sleeping in a ball. "I got this." I got off Lauren and made my way over.

"CAMILA WAKE UP!" I yelled jumping directly on her side. "AHH WHAT!?" She bolted up right her eyes huge with fear but they softened when she saw me. "Morning Cami."

"You're going to be the death of me kid!" She grabbed me and pulled me in for a hug. "How did you sleep?"

"No nightmares. So good." She gave me a sad look but smiled. "That's good. So little miss." She poked my cheek. "Why am I up so early?"

"Ally and me made an All American Texan Breakfast." I pointed to the table full of food. "Ohh hella yes!" She pushed me off her lap and ran to the food. "Hey!" She looked back at me and laughed. "Sorry Spencer but food."

"Don't mess with Mila and her food if you know what's best for you kid." Mani walked over picking me up and placing me on her lap handing me a plate. "Thanks Mani." She gave me a wink before eating herself.

As we were all eating I noticed Ally was really quite and barely ate anything. Something really must have gotten to her this morning. She would look at Camila and I and not say anything. Once everyone was done we put the plates together and Lauren took them to the kitchen.

"Hey Spence why don't you go get changed for the day." Ally said smiling.

"Okay." I got off Normani's lap making my way up the stairs. I could hear some chatter before Ally spoke "We need to talk about Spencer." My stomach dropped why would they need to talk about me? Was this because of the phone call? Or something else?

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