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Lauren's P.O.V.

The movie was just about over and I looked down to see Spencer fast asleep on my shoulder. She looked so peaceful, the last thing I wanted to do was wake her. I shifted myself so she could lean into me and I could wrap my arms around her. The only other person asleep was Camila and she was curled up into a ball on the other end of the couch. With everything she went though with Spencer I can't even imagine how tired she must be.

"Yo is everyone still awake?" Dinah yell-whispered looking around.

"Yeah I'm awake. I think Camila's the only one sleeping." I looked down "well her and Spencer."

Ally got up and walked over looking at Spence. "She is so adorable when she sleeps." She brushed some hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. "Alright I'm going to bed. Night guys, love y'all."

"Night Ally. Love you." Normani, Dinah and I all said at once. Then Ally disappeared upstairs.

Dinah then got up and went through some of our drawers. "Dinah what the hell are you doing?" She continued looking through the drawers until she pulled out a marker.

"Ha ha, here it is." She uncapped it and walked over to Camila. I started to laugh "really Dinah?"

"Hey you know the rules. The first to fall sleep gets the marker." Then she started drawing doodles all over Camila's face. "Viola! Perfection!"

"Dinah you're going to be in so much trouble when she wakes up." She laughed capping the marker. "That's only if I get caught." She winked at me and walked back over to Normani who seemed to be in her own world texting.

"So Spence is sleeping with me tonight?" I asked both of them knowing they were the ones who put her stuff together.

"Yeah. Normani's and Ally's room is too small and so is mine and Mila's. And well you're the only one with a single room so we blew up an air mattress." Dinah said while texting in her phone. "Is that okay with you? We honestly didn't even ask you." She gave me an apologetic look and I smiled back.

"It's fine. I would love to have a roommate, but I'm just worried what Camila will say." I looked over at her and she was still fast asleep. "I mean I don't want to take Spence away from her or anything."

Dinah shrugged. "Nah, she will be fine. She needs to sleep anyway. It's been a long few days for both of them."

I shook my head in agreement. "Alright I'm going to take little miss sleepy head upstairs." I moved slowly picking Spencer up and setting her on my hip. "Alright lo, goodnight. I'll see what I can do about Mila here." I turned around and headed upstairs into my room.

A mattress was set up and had about 50 blankets on it. I guess Mani and Dinah brought every blanket we had in this house up here. I leaned down pulling some back, slowly placing her down, careful not to wake her or hurt her again. She moved slightly but only to find something to grab onto but quickly fell fast asleep.

"She really is the cutest sleeper." I spun around and saw Camila standing in the doorway. "Holy shit Camz! You scared the fucking daylights out of me!" I yell-whispered carful not to wake Spencer.

"Sorry. Those weren't my intentions." She giggled and walked in. She still had all the doodles on her face but I decided to ignore it and just let Dinah's masterpiece be.

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