Getting Ready For the Arrival and Some Serious Feels

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Dinah's P.O.V.

I watched as the other car took off down the road with Spencer. My heart felt like it dropped out of my chest as it disappeared behind the buildings.

"She's going to be okay right?" I looked over towards Normani and she had the same worried look on her face.

"Um, yeah she will be fine." She looked over. "We will see her tomorrow." She turned around and got into the car with Lauren.

"God, I hope so." I mumbled to myself closing the trunk, getting in the back seat.

It was Lauren in the front seat and Normani in the passengers. I got stuck in the back seat. With the other half of the luggage.

We took off down the road and no one spoke a word. It was dead silent and extremely awkward. Then I figured maybe some small talk would help.

"When Spencer gets home we should go shopping and buy her some nice clothes. I mean she only had the set she came in and they're a little torn up. And we could do up the spare room for her and buy her a bunch of new stuff and-"

"Dinah can you shut up!" Lauren yelled. "Or else I'm going to turn this car around and drop you off at the last gas station." She took her eyes off the road and looked at me through the rear view mirror. If looks could kill I would dead and dumped on the side of the road already.

"Sorry." I looked down and put my hands in my lap. "But I don't understand what you have against her. She didn't do anything to you. If anything she should be mad at you. Not the other way around."

"I don't have to explain myself." She said in a smaller voice. "No one cares anyway." Lauren mumbled the last part but Normani and I both heard the words clear as day.

"Lauren you know that's not true... We love you like a sister, you know that." Normani placed her hand on Lauren's knee giving it a squeeze.

"Do I? Do I really know that? Because lately I haven't felt that way." Her voice cracked and when Lauren is about to cry we all know because she tries her best to hide it. Her eyes tear up and she goes paler then normal.

"Lauren... what made you think that? Is it Spencer? Because it was never our intentions to pick her over you. Just... the other night you really crossed a line and you hurt more then just her feelings. You hurt all of us."

"I know, and I feel terrible about how I've treated her but I can't help but be a little jealous. I miss you guys and lately I've felt like no one cares anymore. It's not just Spencer, it's the whole thing around her. I just feel so alone, and hearing all this stuff about buying her new clothes and taking her with us really pissed me off because I felt like she was going to be the final wedge that will separate us for good." She finished and tears were falling from her eyes.

"Lauren pull the car over." Normani said looking at Lauren.


"Just pull over." Lauren agreed and pulled the car over and turned it off. She was wiping her tears away and I felt so much for her it hurt. I've never seen her this upset before.

"Lauren look at me, I'm sorry if we ever made you feel that way. But we love you no matter what. Lately we have been drifting apart and it hurt all of us to see each one of us drift away but I think Spencer might be our saving grace. She is the only thing we have all agreed on in the past few months. We promise to give you the attention you deserve and listen to what you have to say from now on because this band is not going anywhere and neither is our friendship."Normani spoke with such wisdom that Lauren broke down and I wiped away a couple tears that managed to fall. Normani pulled Lauren into a bone crushing hug and I couldn't help but lean in over the seats and join.

"Move over suckers, I'm coming in too." All of us couldn't help but smile and start laughing through our tears.

"Dinah you always know how to make a moment better." Lauren looked up and smiled at me.

"Yeah I'm just awesome." I chuckled and Lauren playfully hit my shoulder.

"Lauren do you want me to drive the rest of the way home?" Normani asked.

"Yes please. I think I need a quick nap." She undid her seatbelt and both her and Normani got out of the car and switched seats. Then we took off down the road again heading home.

About an hour later we arrived home and I couldn't be happier. It was almost dinner time and I was starving. But something still felt missing and my mind kept going back to Spencer.

"Yay we're finally home!" I yelled running out of the car and unlocking the door. "God I missed that smell."

"What smell?" Lauren asked confused.

"You know the smell of home. I'm so done with hotel smells." She just smiled at me and laughed. "You're so weird."

"Oh come on you love me!" I yelled back at her but she disappeared upstairs with her luggage.

"Dinah go and grab yours and Camila's luggage from the car and bring it upstairs." Normani walked through the door with hers and Ally's luggage.

"I'm on it." I walked out and grabbed the rest of the luggage and brought it up stairs and dumped it all on the floor.

"Okay, all done!" I walked back down and both Lauren and Normani were waiting in the kitchen.

"I just got a text from Ally she said that they took Spencer in about half an hour ago but still no word yet. So we can just make dinner now and she will keep us updated."

"Sounds good to me. I'm starving!"

"You and Camila are so alike, when aren't you two hungry?" Lauren laughed and grabbed some pots from the cupboards.

"Speaking of Mila, how is she? Did Ally say?" I looked over at Normani.

"She didn't say but I can ask. Just one sec."

"She has really grown close to her. The whole plane ride home she would look over at her every 10 minutes to see if she was okay. It was really cute to be honest." I said while helping Lauren with the food.

"I agree, Camila is literally attached to her and I'm a little jealous." Normani gave a small pout and laughed.

"Me too." I laughed and surprisingly so did Lauren. It looks like she is finally warming up to her.

"Did Ally text back?" I looked over. "Yeah, she said Mila is pacing back and forth not saying a word."

"Poor Mila, she has it bad. But I don't blame her I can't stop thinking about her either." I walked over and sat down at the table, resting my head in my hands.

"Me too. Spencer is so small and fragile and I can't help but think about what she must be going through in that little head of hers." Normani's face dropped but just like that her expression changed. "Dinah we should go make a bed for Spencer to sleep in. The guest room doesn't even have a bed."

"Good idea." I walked over placing my hand on Normani's shoulder giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Let's go Mani." She smiled back at me as we both made our way up the stairs.

"Okay guys! I guess I'm making dinner! Thanks!" Normani and I both heard Lauren shout from the kitchen making us both giggle. I missed this.

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