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Spencer's P.O.V


"Spencer! Help us!" I heard the girls voices in the distance but they were no where in sight. "Lauren! Dinah!" It seemed like a maze. Hallway after hallway, "Ally! Normani!" I screamed with tears falling off my cheeks. "Camila! Where are you!?" I shouted again but they seemed so far.

"Please! Help us!" All their voices carried but they all seemed to be coming in different directions. I couldn't tell where they were. My heart was racing and my chest was tightening. "Please!" I begged, "Where are you guys! I can't lose you!" I screamed again falling to my knees. Ear piercing screams rung through the hallways and my entire body shut down. "No! Please, I can't lose you too!" My body was shaking and my vision was blurry from all the tears. I cried into my hands, stuck in my own despair. "Please."

*End of Dream*

"Miss Spencer, wake up." A pair of hands where pushing me slightly. I opened my eyes and saw Jace. "What are you doing here?" My voice was quite, remembering my dream. "Well good morning to you too." Jace gave me a smile but I didn't return it. "Hey, you okay?" He kneeled down to my height but I couldn't meet his eyes. "I'm fine." He remained silent for a moment then stood up. "Alight if you say so, I believe you." He really shouldn't. "Anyway, to answer your question, I came a little early just in case you needed help packing." I gave him a confused look. "I'm already packed. I just spend the night." He took a moment to look around my empty room. "Ah, well not to worry. I just thought you had more things."

I jumped off the bed, "nope. I have myself, that's all I need." I quickly grabbed my duffle and backpack. "Miss Spencer?" I turned, "Were you wearing those clothes yesterday?" I looked down at my hoodie and back at Jace. "Yup. I was to tired to change." He smiled and laughed. "You're something kid."

We both made our way downstairs and into Mrs. Whites office. It was a small room with files lining each wall. Nothing special like a picture of family or flowers to make it pretty. Just an office with each one of our flies. Mrs. White was siting down writing something on a piece of paper before she noticed us and looked up through her glasses. "You're late." I looked down at my shoes. "I'm sorry." What was I even late for?

"Get her out of here." Mrs. White took out a file from her drawer and threw it towards Jace. "Her file. They'll need it." She gave me a smirk before turning on her heel, pushing past me. "She's something isn't she?" I looked up towards Jace and nodded. "Jace where am I going?" A frown appeared on his face before taking my hand. "Let's talk outside sunshine." A sick feeling formed in my stomach. We made our way outside and Jace pulled me alone down the steps.

"Can you please tell me already. I deserve to know." I let go of his hand crossing my arms over my chest. I stood still and looked up at him waiting for answers.

"What's the last thing you remember?" His blue eyes looked into mine. "Umm, nothing much. The very last thing I remember was waking up in Ally's arms." His eyebrows creased together, "Ally?" I gave him a nod. "One of the girls who was taking care of me in California." His face softened, "Ah, well I guess I have a bomb to drop then." He crouched down to my level and took my hands in his. I looked him in the eyes begging him to tell me. He let out a breath and started to speak, "Miss Spencer, you're well... you've been... Adopted."

When those words left his mouth I thought I would feel happy, or joyful or even excited to finally have a family to call my own. To finally be apart of something that I've missed for so long. But it was the complete opposite. A bad feeling formed in my stomach. I grew more nervous with every passing second as I looked into Jace's blue eyes. I can't explain the feeling but I don't want to go. My life felt complete when I was with the girls but now when I finally hear those words I've dreamed about I couldn't help but feel sick. I searched his eyes for a hint of lies but it was the truth. I've been adopted and I couldn't be more scared.

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