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Spencer's P.O.V

I grabbed my plane ticket from the lady and headed for the ramp. "Breathe Spencer you can do this." I whispered to myself trying to calm down. I walked to my seat and made myself comfortable. I guess the foster home had some money to spare because I was siting first class. Maybe having some extra room wasn't to bad of an idea. It wasn't long until everyone was on board and they started making there safety announcements. I wasn't really the one to listen to them, I was already scared enough I didn't need the reminder.

Then I remembered that the girls had a surprise hidden in my backpack. I quickly pulled my bag from under the seat and onto my lap. I unzipped it and had to dig through blankets and countless containers of food. I let out a giggle thinking about how Ally can be such a mom.

Once I reached the bottom of the bag I saw a letter, addressed to me. I pulled it out and carefully opened it.

Dear Spencer,

Hey princess! We miss you already. But we know this is what you want and we respect that. From the moment you were introduced into our lives you meant the absolutely world to all of us. And that's why saying goodbye is so hard. We all want what's best for you no matter what. You stole our hearts and our time together could not have been more perfect. If you ever need anything don't ever hesitate to call us. And if you're in trouble we will be there in a heart beat. The short time we've shared will stay with us forever. Now go do amazing things kid.
P.S Check your front pocket.

Ally, Normani, Dinah, Lauren and Camila.

I finished reading the letter and I felt so warm and loved. I wiped a couple of tears off my cheeks. These girls are absolutely amazing. I only wish I had more time with them. I put the letter aside and unzipped the front pocket.

My mouth fell open when I saw what was in the pocket. A brand new phone. A phone just for me. "Holy shit." I said under my breath. I pulled it out and there was a sticky note on the front.


Surprise! We put all our numbers in the contacts and loaded it up with music. You may know the singers if you listen hard enough. We also put some special surprises in the camera roll. We're all only a call away. Hopefully this will ease your flight. Xoxo

I was shocked. They got me a phone and loaded it with pictures and music. That's insane. Why would they do that? I don't even know how a phone works. I pressed the home button and all the girls faces appeared on the home screen. They all looked so happy, it made my heartache . I miss them. I really miss them.

Attached on the bottom was a pair of headphones and I gladly put them in my ears opening the music app. When I was scrolling through the band Fifth Harmony kept popping up. Curious I click it.

'Lauren, they ain't ready for this
Normani, they ain't ready for this
Camila, they ain't ready for this
Ally, Dinah Jane Fifth Harmony'

I quickly paused it. My head was spinning. "Oh my gosh." I whispered under my breath making sure no one could hear me. I was living with a famous girl group for a week and had no idea. I paused thinking about it a little more. That's insane, I would have know if I was living with pop stars. I don't know much about the celebrity world or music but I had a bit of an idea.

"It's not possible." I said to myself but then it clicked. The men chasing us taking pictures and asking questions. When they were talking about their management. Having security. I was dumbfounded. I sat back thinking about my entire week and a half with them and everything clicked even more. My mind was running a mile a minute just thinking about it. And now I'm probably never going to see them again.

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