One Fish, Two Fish... Catfish? (Camren) by UnicornsDragons
One Fish, Two Fish... Catfish? ( ℮
Lauren get's coaxed into online dating. She meets a nice girl. What can go wrong? Everything. It is the internet after all...
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Same Mistakes (A Fifth Harmony/ You Story) by agbxharmony
Same Mistakes (A Fifth Harmony/ sydney
basically, you're used by fifth harmony as a promotion stunt and after you find out shit goes down between you and the girls. read to find out more details. (GxG) (incl...
  • allybrooke
  • drama
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Texting You by dinahfantasy
Texting Youby Brook
Lauren and her friends get bored one night and decide to prank text someone... maybe they take it a little bit too far? Camren Au I DO NOT ALLOW CONVERSIONS !!
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The Proposal - (Camren) by ihadyouathello
The Proposal - (Camren)by ihadyouathello
Software Solutions CEO & President, Camila Cabello has just about everything she planned for. Unfortunately, what she didn't count on was needing a green card. So she hi...
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Off Limits | Camila/You AU by Kay_T27
Off Limits | Camila/You AUby DadsyKayson_27
"Oh, and one more thing." "Yes?" "My daughter? Off. limits." • Y/N Y/L/N, the freestyling boxer with a cocky attitude. At the right time, y...
  • camilaxyou
  • lesbianromance
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She Used To Be Mine (Camila/you) by nycawriter
She Used To Be Mine (Camila/you)by nycawriter
"I'm trying to forget you but I'm also waiting for you to come back".
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  • allybrooke
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Homework Helper | a Lauren/You Fanfiction by unbrokenreflection
Homework Helper | a Lauren/You *\(^o^)/*
It all started with a simple tweet by Y/F/N, asking the famous Lauren Jauregui for help on her homework. Who knew it could blossom into more? // unedited \\
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(CAMREN) Falling For You by Recklesslyodd
(CAMREN) Falling For Youby Recklesslyodd
23 year old Lauren is trying to deal with life's struggles while taking care of her 3 year old daughter. Losing her daughters mother to cancer has caused tension and pro...
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Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You) by canola-jauregooey
Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You)by 🍌CanolaJauregooey🙊
//teacher x student\\ Up to twenty years in jail for statutory rape, and the disqualification from working with minors; that's what Camila could face if this got out, an...
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'Till Graduation Day (Camila/You G!P) by 4NKN0WN
'Till Graduation Day (Camila/You 4NKN0WN
Y/N Cadwell is a dancer at an art school with one girl in her mind, which is also her best friend. She sacrificed their friendship to confess her feelings, which didn't...
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Only for Lauren ( Camila G!P ) by charlotte_cabello
Only for Lauren ( Camila G!P )by charlotte_cabello
Camila got a crush on Lauren. And the whole school knows, except for Lauren. WARNING: G!P Camila ;-) #wattys2018 Highest rank: #3 in #camren #2 in #camila
  • fifthharmony
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Bad teacher (Camren) by CabelloTopsBitch
Bad teacher (Camren)by CabelloTops
"Who are you?" she whispers. "Call me Karla ..." I murmur. "Karla who?" "Karla Estrabao." She smirks. "Your real name."...
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The Girl Next Door ✖Hailey Baldwin/You✖ by Alecia_Xo
The Girl Next Door ✖Hailey OVOXO_Lover
Isn't It Strange? There Are So Many People Out There Who Secretly Love Someone. And There Are So Many People Out There Who Have No Idea That Someone Secretly Loves Them...
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NoT oVeR yOu by ArianaGrandeBabe
NoT oVeR yOuby Möönlight Bäë
**Camila found out she was pregnant. She didn't want the baby, so after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she gave her up to her ex y/n. Y/N has been taking care o...
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ONE MORE TIME {CAMREN}  by Cece-Ellejay
A story of a woman with autism who come across a little boy, Noah, who comes to her rescue when a drunken guy tries to disturb her. Things take another twist when she me...
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Happy Ending (Camila/You) by GreyWolf42
Happy Ending (Camila/You)by Morgan
"I'm a monster, Camila. A freak if you will. I don't get the girl or the option to ride off into the sunset. I don't get the happy ending."
  • laurenjauregui
  • damonsalvatore
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FAMOUS (Camren) by BabeLoRegui
FAMOUS (Camren)by BabeLoRegui
Camila Cabello's in for a surprise when she witnesses who famous pop sensation Lauren Jauregui really is. After a one night stand on the tour bus goes terrible, Camila g...
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Fallen Too Far ~ Camren by Lernjergi97_
Fallen Too Far ~ Camrenby KASS
[BOOK 1] She is only nineteen. She is her new stepfather's daughter. She is still naive and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick mother...
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Lauren's Girl (Camren) (18+) by Loveshine6
Lauren's Girl (Camren) (18+)by LoveisLove
WARNING ⚠ (GIP LAUREN) "Get the f*ck out of my house!" My dad shouted. "Gladly, but before I go I have just one thing to say. You've never been a good...
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