Fifth Harmony Memes by CC__5H
Fifth Harmony Memesby CC__5H
Contains Fifth Harmony Memes I wanna share if easily offended then please leave Highest rank #1
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Texting You by dinahfantasy
Texting Youby Brook
Lauren and her friends get bored one night and decide to prank text someone... maybe they take it a little bit too far? Camren Au I DO NOT ALLOW CONVERSIONS !!
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Long Gone (Camila/You) by awworld
Long Gone (Camila/You)by awworld
Y/n was best friends with Camila for years until Camila decided to audition for the X Factor. Even though Camila had promised y/n that she was going to keep in touch, sh...
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The Iceberg Method (Camren) by amindless-dreamer
The Iceberg Method (Camren)by amindless-dreamer
Falling in love was the best and worst thing that ever happened to Camila. Lauren was beautiful, smart, passionate and, unfortunately for Camila, married.
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NoT oVeR yOu by ArianaGrandeBabe
NoT oVeR yOuby Möönlight Bäë
**Camila found out she was pregnant. She didn't want the baby, so after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she gave her up to her ex y/n. Y/N has been taking care o...
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Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You) by canola-jauregooey
Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You)by Canola-Jauregooey
//teacher x student\\ (I'm apparently lacking in the continuity department, but will be editing soon - 30/08/2018) Up to twenty years in jail for statutory rape, and the...
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Love&Basketball (Camren) by CC__5H
Love&Basketball (Camren)by CC__5H
《CONVERTED》to Camren Camila Cabello a teenager about to begin her senior year has been dating her boyfriend Austin who is an aspiring actor for a lmost two years. But a...
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Abused by 1800-gayashell
Abusedby Nick's
Y/N Hernandez best soccer player in Miami popular and what the girls say "hot" she has the perfect life...but behind closed doors her father does things, only...
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Happy Ending (Camila/You) by GreyWolf42
Happy Ending (Camila/You)by Grey
"I'm a monster, Camila. A freak if you will. I don't get the girl or the option to ride off into the sunset. I don't get the happy ending."
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Weekend One Shots by blackleatherboots139
Weekend One Shotsby WhenItsRight
Camren One-Shots Updated Every Weekend M-rated marked Most (if not all) are AU *CONVERTED*
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Been Through (Camila/You) by UgotmeApollo
Been Through (Camila/You)by UgotmeApollo
You shine like the stars, you light up my heart
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Off Limits | Camila/You AU by Kay_T27
Off Limits | Camila/You AUby DadsyK_27
"Oh, and one more thing." "Yes?" "My daughter? Off. limits." • Y/N Y/L/N, the freestyling boxer with a cocky attitude. At the right time, y...
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in my blood by koalaacamilaa
in my bloodby koala camila
camila cabello imagines
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{Camila/You} OPEN FOR REQUESTS AND IDEAS May contain: Fluff Smut Emotional Drama Triggers GIP GirlxGirl Ships Good/Bad/Sad Endings Fetus 5H Enjoy🙈
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perѕιanι03'ѕ ranт вooĸ by Persiani03
perѕιanι03'ѕ ranт вooĸby 👀
Here lay my unpopular opinions that may or may not be offending or rude. Don't like it, don't read it (: #4 in rants #3 in justin Bieber in over 13k+ Cover by me. Sorr...
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The Other Roommate (camren) by torunafter
The Other Roommate (camren)by chase
[REWRITING] When Camila Cabello moved into an apartment, she thought she came prepared. But of all the things she expected, being thrown into Lauren Jauregui's ploy agai...
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Little Student by Jane_Jergi
Little Studentby Pluto
Exchange student, (Y/N), lets the stress of Uni get to her. As home sickness kicks in as well as finals approaching, what happens when a stranger comes to the rescue wi...
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If I Were A Boy (camren) by tbhlauren
If I Were A Boy (camren)by lil
Lauren Jauregui has had a crush on her fellow band member, Camila Cabello for a while now. Still friends, they have gradually grown very distant. One night, Lauren is up...
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Lady And The Tramp (Lauren/You) by _Grakie_
Lady And The Tramp (Lauren/You)by ♛ⒼⓇⒶⓀⒾⒺ
The war was horrible. Disgusting. My kind wiping out all humans from the face of the earth. We were known as monsters. Werewolves. Unnatural. A freak of nature. A Tramp...
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New Kind Of Love - Camren by Ondatbeat
New Kind Of Love - Camrenby OnDatBeat
"You know the whole thing where every boy wants a good girl to be bad just for him? And every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her? But we have two girls. L...
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