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Camila's P.O.V.

A few days passed and Spencer's cold had finally let up. It's the worst feeling watching your little girl suffer and absolutely everything you do just isn't good enough. I hated it. More then I should of. It showed just how little and venerable she is. I get caught up in how brave she is but she's still a 7 year old who can't fight everything.

I opened her door and peeked in to check on her. I found myself smiling when I saw her fast asleep, snuggling her bear. "Camila?" I spun around, heart racing. Once I saw those green orbs I let out a sigh of relief. "Lauren! You scared the shit out of me! Stop that!" I slapped her shoulder making her blush.

"Maybe I like making your heart race over me." This time it was my turn to blush when she sent me a wink. I coughed awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck. "Anyway... what's up?" I looked back up into her eyes and I swear every time I do I melt a little bit more. "Uhh... Oh! Right... Simon's on the phone downstairs. He wants to discuss some stuff." She grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers. I felt my heart flutter and my stomach drop. Does everyone have this affect on me or is it just Lauren? I shook away the thought when we walked into the living room seeing all the girls gathered around. Dinah smirked sending me a wink. I was confused but noticed Lauren and I were still holding hands. I let go kinda quickly and Lauren looked a little hurt. I cleared my throat walking towards Dinah. "Soo, what's going on?"

"I'll tell you what's going on." I automatically knew that British accent and I turned to see Simons caller ID. "Hey Simon! How are you?" I sat on Dinah's lap kissing her cheek.

"I'm thrilled! I have fantastic news for you ladies. I'll just get straight to it, ever since you told the world about Spencer I have gotten offers from hundreds of talk shows and studios to get the latest scoop. I lined up a couple interviews and radio shows for all of you. Spencer's Hollywoods new interest and we have to act fast. I'll text you all the details in a little bit. This is great news. Talk soon."

I was speechless. Spencer is Hollywoods newest interest. Is she ready for that kind of attention? Maybe that's way to much for her. Or me.

"Camz? You okay over there?" I shook my head. "No." automatically Dinah wrapped her arms around my waist. "What's wrong Chancho?" I blinked back a couple of tears. "I don't want her to be Hollywoods newest interest." I sprung up out of Dinah's arms and started paced back and forth. "Maybe it was a mistake. Telling the world. I mean they called her a problem once and now they love her?! What if they make fun of her? Or try and hurt her?" My lip started to quiver and my legs were wobbly. Lauren raced forward catching me before I fell.

"Sit down Camz." Lauren led me to the couch placing me between Mani and Ally. They both rubbed my back as I shoved my head in my hands. "Am I being selfish" I looked up through my tears noticing all the girls we're seated around me. "Of course not mija. You're just scared. That doesn't make you a selfish person." Ally said taking my hand running her fingers over my knuckles.

"Ally's right Mila. You're not selfish for wanting to protect Spencer. We all feel the same way." I glanced up towards Normani seeing the protective side come out. "I guess we kinda saw this coming. The world needed to know." I pushed some hair behind my ears wiping at my eyes. "And now we have to accept the fact that we put her in the spot light. I hate to say it but her life isn't private anymore. I just hope we can help her adjust."


"Spencer! Hurry up! We're gonna be late!" Later that day we all got news that we had an interview scheduled for the next morning for a talk show. I'm still processing the ideas. And honestly I'm not really sure Spencer knows exactly what's happening. She just knows she has to talk about who she is.

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