New Room

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Spencer's P.O.V.

I woke up snuggled up in Camila's arms. I yawned looking over at the clock. It was almost 10. I tried to wiggle out of Camila's grasp but she held on tighter. "Noooo.... you're warm." She mumbled into my shoulder tightening her grip around my waist. "Cammmm... come on. I need to get up." I whined prying her arms off my torso. "But it's early... stay with me." She reached out for me again but I quickly got up and jumped out of bed.

"When do I get my own room?" Immediately Camila's eyes opened and she stopped reaching her arms out, trying to find me. "What? You don't like sleeping with me?" She frowned making me feel extremely guilty.

"It's not that.... Umm...I-Never mind." I turned on my heel making my way to the bathroom. Before I made it I heard a thump and saw Camila face down on the ground. I held my hand to my mouth, trying not to laugh. She untangled herself from the blankets, straightening herself while fixing her messy hair. She glanced over to see if that woke up Dinah but surely enough it didn't. I raised my eyebrow looking at her, smiling. "Is that always how you get out of bed in the morning?" She grumbled but walked over to me anyway.

"As a matter of fact yes it is." I saw the corners of her lips smirk. She kneeled down in front of me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "You're right. You need your own room. You can't sleep in mine forever." I saw her face drop a little, looking down at her hands. I took her hands in mine and she pulled her gaze up at me. "We can still have sleepovers." I watched a grin pull on her lips making me smile. "I guess that's true. We can still have sleepovers. But can you lay with me one more time?" She pulled the puppy dog eyes and I caved instantly.

"Okay, Okay." She squealed and ran over jumping back on the bed. She patted the spot next to her, smiling. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I raced over plopping down beside her. She pulled me up so I was laying on her chest, with my head on her shoulder. She hugged my torso bringing me closer, if that's even possible. I felt her fingers play with the ends of my hair and I looked up. "Can I have a bunk bed?" Camila's chest began to shake from laughter. "If you want one, then you can have one." I smiled to myself feeling satisfied.

"Any other requests?" I thought about it for a minute but couldn't think of much else. "A bookshelf full of books, maybe." I bit my lip, feeling like I've asked for too much. Camila's face lit up. "Perfect! And we can get a desk and some lounge chairs and some toys and some pictures and-" I started laughing tugging on her shirt. "I think you're more excited then me." She snuggled herself in the blankets that were on top of us. "Well you are my dau-" she immediately stopped, eyes growing wide. I could hear her heart beat thumbing louder. I frowned, feeling confused. What was she going to say?

"I'm your what?" I pulled myself up a little so I could talk to her easier. She shook her head, smiling. "Nothing sweetheart. Come on let's go wake up the girls and have breakfast." She lifted me up, placing me on the bed and I watched her race out of the room like she was on fire. What was that about?

I shrugged, climbing off the bed making my way over to Dinah, who was snoring like an old man. I tapped her shoulder, "Dinah. Wake up." No movement. I took drastic measures and jumped on the bed crawling on top of her. "DINAH JANE WAKE UP! BEYONCÉ IS HERE!" Without hesitant Dinah shot up, with wide eyes but unfortunately she had a little bit too much fire because we ended up smacking heads. Her forehead smashed into mine with a thud. I groaned rubbing my head. "Ouch." I felt a little dizzy bringing my hand to my forehead. I saw how Dinah was doing the same thing but quickly shook her head, taking her hand away to comfort me. "Spencer are you okay?" I nodded rubbing my head.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Dinah frowned and reached up to touch my head. I winced in pain when she touched the spot we're we smacked. "Shit..." She mumbled under her breath. "Camila's going to kill me." I scrunched my nose squeezing my eyes shut to let the dizziness pass. I felt a pair of hands reach under my arms and lift me up. Dinah quickly walked us into the bathroom and set me down on the counter. "Dinah what are you doing?"

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