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Spencer's P.O.V.

*one month after the night Spencer was found*

"Lauren!" I shouted and immediately heard footsteps run up the stairs and a figure burst though the door panting. "What? What's wrong? Are you okay!?" Worry was plastered across Lauren's entire face. I grinned. "I can't reach the remote. Can you pass me it?" I watched her face drop and anger replace it. "Seriously?" I nodded flashing her a smile. She mumbled before walking over to the table, grabbing the remote and tossing it my way. "There." She turned and was about to leave but I quickly hopped off the bed jumping onto her back. "Spencer! What are you doing?!" She immediately put her arms under my legs to steady me. I nuzzled my head in her shoulder. "Nothing. I just wanted to attack you." I felt her giggle making me smile.

"You're lucky I love you so much." I wrapped my arms around her neck and laid my head on her back listening to her heart beat. Just the thought that this is real and I actually have people that love me is absolutely incredible but scary. "What are you thinking about princess?" She plopped me down on the bed and took the seat next to me. "Just how much my life has changed I guess." I shrugged my shoulders playing with my sleeves. I felt her hand tilt my chin up making me look into her ocean green eyes. "Is this all too fast for you?" I thought about it never looking away from her eyes. "No. I don't think so." She tucked some hair behind my ear. "You would tell us if something was bothering you or if you're uncomfortable in any way right?" I immediately nodded. "Of course." We both smiled but Lauren's quickly faded. "That's good but umm... I have a question for you." I creased my eyebrows together, feeling confused. "Okay?" She cleared her throat before speaking. "Well as you know the girls and I are in a girl group." She stopped and I encouraged her to continue. "And well our lives are constantly in the media. Do you remember when those men chased us down with cameras or at the airport when we had to push through the crowds of screaming people?" I nodded slowly. "Those people are always trying to get the dirt on celebrities so when people started to talk about what we were doing with a little girl rumours were spreading. The girls and I have been trying to ignore them but after Camila adopted you we figured why not come public with it. Tell our own story of who you are."

I immediately felt my face fall. I looked down at my shoes and played with my sleeves. "Spencer look at me." I pulled my gaze off the floor and back up to Lauren. "Don't think that I'm telling you this is happening. It's up to you princess. We don't have to if that makes you uncomfortable." I shook my head. "No it's not that." I felt Lauren's strong gaze on me. "Then what is it?"

I leaned my head against the wall pulling my knees up to my chest. "What if they don't like me?" Lauren looked at me with soft eyes before leaning against the wall next to me. "How could they not. Look at you! You're amazing and kind. You're absolutely beautiful inside and out and you're so kind hearted. If you be yourself they will fall in love with you." She pulled me into her lap and I leaned my head on her chest. "Just like we did princess.... just like we did." I looked up into her eyes. "Okay."

"Okay? So you're alright with it?" I nodded my head against her shoulder snuggling into her body. "I'm ready." I heard her squeal hugging me tight. "I'm so excited! Come on let's tell the rest of the girls." She picked me up resting me on her hip. We both made our way downstairs and into the living room where Ally and Dinah were watching television. "Guys! Where's Camila and Normani?" Ally looked away from the television giving me a soft smile. "I think Mani's outside and Camila's in the music room."

"Can I go find Cam?" Lauren set me down ruffling my hair. "Sure princess. I'll find Mani." I grinned making my way down the hallway. I heard a faint voice that grew louder with every step. I stood outside the door, listening to Camila sing. It was beautiful.

I pushed it open slowly and saw Camila siting down in one of the soft bean bag chairs with her guitar resting on her leg. She hadn't noticed me yet so I stood watching. She slowly strummed the strings and her voice filled the room.

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