Trouble and Movie Nights

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Spencer's P.O.V.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. As I wrapped it around me I noticed the stitches on my hip, they were extremely red. Maybe it was just from the warm water. I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. I stared intently at the stitches on my forehead. It really did look abhorrent but at least it looks a little better then before. I tempted to brush out my hair but I gave up half way through knowing that Camila will just throw it up for me.

"Camila! I need your help please!" I yelled through the door waiting for her to walk in. But when the door opened and I looked over the last person I thought would walk in ended up being there with a shy smile.

"Um, hey Lauren." I looked towards her not making eye contact.

"Hey Spencer. Sorry I know you expected Camila but she went downstairs and asked me to help. Is that okay?" I nodded my head and smiled. "Sure, that works with me."

"Good. So what did you need help with?" I turned back to mirror looking at my hair. "I need some help with my hair. Do you think you could braid it for me?"

She had a huge smile plastered on her face. "Of course! I would love to!" She took the brush and started brushing it out. Then she took my hair and started braiding it and let it fall across my shoulder. "There we go all done. You like it?" I smiled and turned around. "It's perfect thank you Lauren."

"You're welcome sweetie. Now how about some clothes huh?" I laughed as we walked out of the bathroom. Lauren lead me to her room and started going through her drawers. "Now my sister left some clothes here a couple of months ago and- ahh here we go!" She pulled out a white T-shirt and a pair of plaid pj pants. Simple, I like it.

"Is this okay?" She asked me holding out the clothes for me to take. "Yes, thank you." I walked back to Camila and Dinah's room to change while Lauren followed me. "I'll give you some privacy, yell if you need me." She closed the door and I started to change. I quickly tugged the pants on and picked up the shirt slowly. As I lifted my arms putting the shirt over my head a shooting pain shot through my abdomen and a slight ripping noise rang through my ears. I yelped out in pain.

"Spencer are you okay?" I groaned in pain and Lauren burst through the door. "What's wrong?" I pointed to my side and she quickly clued in on what I was talking about.

"Okay hold on." She was about to leave and get the girls but another pain shot though my body and I yelled out.

"Lauren it hurts! Make it stop!" Tears started to form in my eyes and Lauren could see how much pain I was in. "Okay baby hold on." She picked me up in one swift motion and placed me on Camila's bed. "Is it your stitches?" I nodded still feeling the pain shoot though my body. "I'm going to lift up your shirt to get a better look alright?" Again I nodded not being able to formulate words. She lifted it up and looked at it intently.

"It's a little red and it looks like one of the stitches may have come out. Maybe it was from you changing." She traced the mark and I winced out in pain. "Sorry sweetie." She wiped some of the tears in my eyes and stood up.

"I'll be right back I'm going to grab the first aid kit and the rest of the girls. I'll be two seconds. Please don't move." She ran out of the room and her footsteps soon became distant. I shifted a little and saw the cut on my side. It was extremely red and bleeding slightly. I swear I barely did anything just put my shirt on. Then I heard a trample of footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hallway. I braced for impact knowing Camila is going to be the first to burst through that door.

"Spencer!" Camila came full speed flying though the doorway and was beside me in seconds. "I'm here baby, I'm here. Everything's going to be okay." She grabbed my hand squeezing it until my fingers turned white. I think she might be more worried then I am.

Ally, Normani and Dinah came running in seconds later and made their way over. Then Lauren quickly came in with the first aid kit. "Okay Camila I need you to move so I can take a closer look." Lauren said to Camila but she just ignored her.

"Mila please let Lauren do this. She is the only one with medical training like this you know that." Ally said while placing her hand on her shoulder.

Camila looked at me and I gave her a reassuring look. "I'm okay." She stood up and kissed my cheek and slowly let go of my hand. Lauren flew in with her kit and started working away at my side. Every time she would touch it pain was everywhere in my body within seconds. I tried to hold back my tears for Camila's sake. I hate worrying her. All four of them watched over Lauren making sure nothing bad happened.

"We're almost done Spence. Don't worry baby, almost there." Lauren grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I looked over at Camila and it didn't seem to bother her. I guess they made up. "And done." Lauren gave me a smile and I returned it. She had fixed up the one that was threatening to come out and wrapped my stomach in a bandage. I put my head down on the pillow feeling like shit. Camila came back over and inspected my side. "Wow Lauren, you're good." She gave her a side hug and bent down so she was at my level.

"How you feeling?"

"Better. But still sore." I looked past Camila and looked at Lauren. "Thank you." She smiled " Anytime sweetie." What did I do to deserve this? People that care so much about me.

"Do you think you can stand?" Camila asked and I nodded. I slowly made my way up off the bed and Camila grabbed my hand to steady me. "There we go. Good job." She kissed my cheek.

"Well, we were all thinking of having a movie night before bed. Do you think you're up for it Spence?" Dinah asked now noticing her pyjamas.

I laughed "let's do it."

"Wow, you practically had open heart surgery and you're already up for a movie. I like you." Normani laughed and so did everyone else. "I just really like movies." Camila and Lauren both grabbed onto my arms to help me down the stairs. Once we made it down Camila scooped me up and we made our way to the living room.

"You sure you're up for a movie night Spence? They can be pretty intense around here." Camila whispered in my ear and I let out a small laugh.

"I'm so ready. I'm too worked up anyway to sleep. I would much rather spend my time with you guys."

"You literally melt my heart." She placed me down on the couch and all the girls returned with snacks and drinks.

"So what movie? We have the options of Disney, comedy or horror." Dinah flashes off the movies and I laughed.

"Well Spence is our guest so she chooses." Lauren sat down beside me and Camila.

"Well I like The Little Mermaid...."

"Alright The little mermaid it is!" Dinah jumped up and put the movie on. Normani and Dinah made a small bed out of blankets on the floor, Ally was sitting in a huge recliner while Lauren, Camila and I took over the couch.

As the movie was playing I couldn't help but feel a little tired. My eyes grew heavy and the movie seemed distant. "It's okay baby go to sleep." The voice was quite and I leaned on their shoulder and fell asleep.

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