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Spencer's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes and noticed the sunlight coming through the blinds. I glanced over to the clock and it read 10:30 am. I rolled back over and realized I was alone in Lauren's bed. Then it hit me. The nightmare, Lauren taking me back to her bed and staying awake until I fell asleep. I can't place it but that nightmare seemed to have a deeper meaning. Almost like I've lived it before.

I slowly made my way off the bed being careful because of my side. I can not wait until all this stuff is healed and gone. The door was closed but I could still smell something delicious coming from downstairs. I opened the door only to realize, I have no idea where the kitchen is. This house wasn't exactly huge but it was still big enough to get a little lost in.

I made my way down the hallway looking at all the doors. The girls barely gave me a tour so what's behind them is beyond me. When I reached the end of the hallway a large spiral staircase was leading it's way to the front door. I slowly made my way down the stairs, taking one step at a time.

When I finally reached the bottom I could hear talking coming from the other end of the house. I made my way following the noise until I could smell the food. I walked through the doorway and saw all five girls gathered around the kitchen island talking and waiting for some breakfast. Normani was the first to see me and smiled.

"Good morning bug. How did you sleep?" The rest of the girls turned around smiling at me.

"Good morning." I gave a small wave. "I slept okay." I looked over at Lauren and she gave me a wink. I guess last night was our little secret.

Camila was the first to make her way over to me. She bent down kissing my cheek.

"Good morning my little sleepy monster." She picked me up slowly and she walked over to the kitchen island siting me down on the edge.

"Are you hungry Spence?" I looked over at Ally and she had made some chocolate chip pancakes with bacon for breakfast. I nodded feeling my stomach rumble.

"Good because this one has your name written all over it." Camila picked me back up placing me on the ground. I walked over and Ally handed me the plate of food. "Thanks Ally." "Anytime sweetie." Camila took my hand and lead me over to the table so I could eat.

"So Spence, Lauren and I are going out today to get you some clothes. Is there anything in particular you would like us to grab?" Camila asked,walking over with a glass of juice in her hands setting it down in front me. "Yeah sweetie, you name it and it's yours." Lauren said sitting down beside me.

I was a little taken back by their question. Why would they waste their money on me? "Umm, you don't have to do that. I'm okay." I smiled before taking a bite of my pancake.

"Spence you can't just live in Lauren's sisters old clothes forever. You need at least something that you can call your own. It doesn't have to be clothes, we can grab you anything that will make you more comfortable." Camila rubbed my back and the rest of the girls soon came and sat down with food in their hands.

"Well I mean maybe a stuffed animal. I had one when I was younger but I lost it after my parents died." I looked down feeling a little embarrassed that I was asking for a stuffed animal.

"Aww no sweetie that's perfect." Camila pushed some hair out my face. "Lauren and I will do our best to try and find the perfect stuffed animal."

We all sat in a comfortable silence as we ate. A couple of things said here and there but everyone was enjoying the moment. When we all finished Camila and Lauren where getting ready to leave. Ally had a meeting of some sort down town so Normani and Dinah where babysitting.

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