The Truth

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Spencer's P.O.V.

*The Morning before*

The ride to the Taylor's was long. No wonder Jace drives for a living. It was at least a 4 hour drive from Toronto. "Jace?" His head tilted up and I met his eyes in the rear view mirror. "What's up?" I cleared my throat folding my hands together. "Do you think they'll like me?" I head a slight chuckle come from Jace. "You've already met them." It's a weird feeling when someone says you've met someone but you have no memory of it. "Oh, did it look like they liked me?" He made a sharpe turn down a long driveway with forest surrounding the whole thing. "I can't say sweetie. I wasn't hired when they adopted you two weeks ago." I silently nodded and leaned my head back onto the window.

The trees were tall and if you looked up you could barley see sky. It was another 5 minutes until we reached the end of the driveway. When we came out of the trees a large house was perked up on top of a hill. The more we drove the bigger the house got. It was a mansion with white siding and white windows. Nothing else to it, just... white. "Here's your new home." Jace parked the car and quickly came around opening my door, helping me out.

I slung my backpack and my duffle around my arms and we both headed for the front door. We were about to walk in but the door swung open and two figures were standing there with giant smiles on their faces.

"Spencer!" The women leaned down and wrapped her arms around me squeezing me tight. She kissed my cheek and quickly let go allowing the man to do the same. He gave me a hug but it didn't seem as friendly.

"We've been trying to find you. Where did you go?" I gave a nervous smile and looked at Jace. "Oh, um... sorry madam but Spencer lost her memory and she doesn't remember her first visit here." I looked back at them and their faces were not what I expected. It almost look like they were glad because of the smirks they had plastered on their faces. "Well that's okay. We forgive you. Now let's go in shall we." The women gestured us to come in and we followed. The main entrance was massive. Two staircases that lead to the rest of the house, a large shiny chandelier that sat right above us, white and gold accents were everywhere. It looked... expensive. "I'm Margaret Taylor and this is my husband Jim Taylor. We've always wanted a daughter." I smiled shyly pushing my bags up my arms to keep them from falling off.

"Oh here dear, let Jace take those." I passed over the bags and he took off upstairs and down the hallway. I was about to say something but a firm hand took me by surprise. "Listen here young lady." Margaret grabbed my shoulder pushing me back up against the wall, slamming me into it. I whimpered holding back my fear. "We're both extremely upset with you for pulling that little stunt." Her grip tightened creating a numb feeling of pain in my shoulder. "You're going to be punished for what you made us go through." Seconds later we both heard feet coming down the hallway and she let go of my shoulder releasing all the pain and weight.

"Jace you're free to go home now. We'll see you tomorrow." Jace gave her a silent nod and looked over to me. He gave me a small wave and a wink. I wanted to scream and go with him but I was too scared. My feet wouldn't move and my voice was stuck in my throat. When Jace had finally left the only thing I could hear was my pounding heart beat.

Both Margaret and Jim gave me death glares as they closed in on me. "I-I'm s-sorry." I stuttered out.

"Your apologies mean nothing you little brat! Do you know what we had to risk knowing that you ran away?" I shook my head not speaking. "Come here!" Jim grabbed my shirt by the collar dragging me up the stairs and into a small room. "You will wait here until you're called. Do you understand?" I stared at him blankly too scared to move. "Did you hear me?" He raised his hand and slapped me across the face.

Without hesitation I nodded my head. "Y-yes sir." I held back the tears as the burning sensation in my cheek was spreading. "Good, we don't want another cut like the one on your hip again do we?" He smirked before leaving and slamming the door behind him.

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