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Lauren's P.O.V.

My head was absolutely killing me. The painkillers that Ally gave me are not working, not even in the slightest. I tried to finish my waffles but I don't think I can hold them down. This was all that little girls fault. I feel bad for yelling at Ally but I'm not sorry for hating this little girl. She is just going to be another problem that we don't need.

I walked towards the bedroom to over hear the conversation that they were having. When the little girl was talking it came as no surprise that her life was hell. And if she thinks I'm going to feel bad for the little pest she is dead wrong. I walked in and said what everyone was trying to avoid.

"Now what?" Everyone went silent as I entered the room and sat down on the opposite bed.

"You can send me back. I don't remember why I left or how long I was running for but you can send me back, its fine I don't want to burden you guys anymore." Spencer spoke with sadness and it was written all over her face. She tried to get up and leave but Ally and Normani stopped her.

"No sweetheart, you're not going anywhere. I think God made this happen for a reason and where not just going to let you go." Ally said while moving towards Spencer and wrapping her in her arms.

"She's right. We're not just going to send you away." Camila said joining in on the hug. Then Dinah and Normani joined in leaving me speechless.

"Are you kidding me?! You can't honestly think we're going to take in this little pest do you?" I protested.

All heads turned to me and shock was written on all their faces. I huffed in frustration, crossing my arms over my chest. "She doesn't belong with us. How do we know she isn't using us for money!? Or publicly? I don't give a shit about her past and neither should any of you. She's a nobody, a mistake, an outcast! And you all are stupid and blind if you think any of this is fine!" I finished my rant and my face was red from all my shouting. I made brief eye contact with Spencer and her face looked so hurt. She looked away holding back tears and Ally held onto her tighter.

"Ally can you stay here with Spencer for a minute while we go talk to Lauren." Ally nodded while Normani got up grabbing my hand and yanked me out the door along with Camila and Dinah close behind.

"Normani I don't want to hear-

"Lauren shut the fuck up! I can't believe you just said all of that right in front of her! Do you know what she's been through?" Normani asked yelling in my face.

"Yeah I know exactly what she's been through and I don't give a fuck!" I screamed back.

"Why because you're a low life bitch who only cares about herself!" Normani was full out yelling and I'm not going to lie that one hurt.

"You know what just fuck you all. I don't care what you do with her, just know that I hate every single one of you!" I screamed back and ran down the hallway. They choose her over me, they always choose someone else over me. I'm just Lauren the one who no one cares about because I'm a bitch.

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