Cleaned Up

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Normani's P.O.V.

As we walked back to the hotel the only thing I could think about was the little girl passed out in my arms. It broke my heart looking down and seeing the marks all over her face. Who would do this to a sweet little girl?

"Ally?" I asked while the the elevator door opened.

"Yes?" She turned while pushing the number to our floor.

"Do you think she has any family?" Ally took her eyes off me and looked down at the girl.

"Umm... I don't know. But if she does they can't be that worried about her considering the condition she is in, right?"Ally asked while she opened the door to our hotel room.

It wasn't a large hotel but It had 2 bedrooms, just enough room for the 5 of us.

As we walked in I noticed the little girls
eyes start to open again. I wiped the hair out of face and walked to the bathroom with Ally close behind me. I opened the bathroom door and gave her to Ally while I ran to grab the first aid kit.

When I came back she was holding her up right on the side of the bathtub. With the lights on you could see just how much this girl has gone through. Her arm had a large scrap down the side and her legs had cuts and bruises all over them. Unfortunately her head was the most concerning because of the large cut running down. I quickly grabbed the material out of the box and walked over.

"Here Ally, start cleaning the cut on her forehead while I clean up her arm and legs." I gave her a quick smile and started cleaning up the cuts.
I looked up at Ally and she was humming a soft tone while washing the blood off.

"So, sweetheart do you want to explain what happened?" Ally asked.
She looked over, "I don't remember." She said above a whisper.
"Honey I know we're strangers but you can trust us. We're not going to hurt you. Right Ally?"

"Of course honey! Normani and I will never hurt you. And neither will our other friends." Ally said while wiping the last bit of blood off her face.
While I finished cleaning up her arm I moved to her legs. Ally then grabbed a bandage from the first aid kit and put it on the cut that covered her forehead. She looked a lot cleaner but still looked exhausted.

"You know, you're not much of a talker are you?" I smiled as I finished up cleaning her legs.

"I'm sorry." Her voice cracked and tears were about to spill.

My heart dropped. "No baby girl don't cry. It's okay, I wasn't very talkative when I was your age either. But listen to me I obviously grew out of that." I said while I caught the tear that managed to fall.

She cracked a smile before looking down. She was about to grab her head but Ally stopped her.

"Wait baby don't. It's only going to make it worse okay? I think we need to let you rest."

"I agree. The girls should be back soon but I would rather you be ready in bed before meeting them. They can be a little... Umm..loud sometimes."

"I'm allowed to stay here?" She looked up and looked almost scared for asking.
"Of course you are! We're not just going to send you away... We're here now." I said packing up all the stuff from the first aid kit.

Ally and I both took her arms and helped her to the bed. She would be sleeping with Ally tonight because she was the lucky one and won the bet on who was going to get the bed alone. I was with Lauren and Camilla was with Dinah.

"Does your head still hurt sweetheart?" Ally asked while taking the covers and pulling them up.

"A little." She barely managed to get out. I think she was falling asleep right in front of us.
"Okay honey. If you need anything just call for one of us okay. Our friends will be home shortly but you will be fast asleep so don't worry." I grabbed the light next to the bed and switch it off.

As we walked back to the living room area we noticed the girls were back.
"Where is she?" Dinah asked very worried.

"We just put her to sleep, why?" Ally asked.

"I think Lauren wants to kill her."

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