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Stall Doors (You/Dinah) by TheOneAndOnlyEms19
Stall Doors (You/Dinah)by TheOneAndOnlyEms19
Who knew that stall doors could play a part in a love story? What happens when you harmlessly leave your phone number on a stall door at school? Everyone else does it so...
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She's special ( Lauren/you) by keepupwithsparkles
She's special ( Lauren/you)by keepupwithsparkles
Lauren Jauregui is mentally challenged diagnosed with austim, and mental retardation when she was just 2 years old. When Lauren turned 18 Lauren's parents didn't want to...
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Sold To A Jauregui  by dreambigbro
Sold To A Jauregui by DBB
When your family starts having financial problems, what would your parents do? Well, my parents sold my sister and I. Yep, sold us. My sister was sold to Alejandro and S...
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Oneshots and Other Assortments by battlecry7473
Oneshots and Other Assortmentsby battlecry7473
A place to put oneshots I write but don't want to make stand alone stories and when I'm too lazy to write for my other fics. Will include non-sexual age play oneshots, b...
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Take Our Hands, We'll Never Let You Fall by battlecry7473
Take Our Hands, We'll Never Let battlecry7473
Ally just wants a place to call home and people to love her. Normani, Lauren, and Dinah just might be able to give that to her. *Contains consensual, non-sexual age pla...
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I Don't Know You  Dinah/Male  by WilcoxBaby_
I Don't Know You Dinah/Male by b *
Dinah/Male text fic..
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HMU  by clexylexy
HMU by Sarah
Messages between Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (#1 in Fanfiction 7/18/17)
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Found Myself in You(Camila × You) by Achuchunessz
Found Myself in You(Camila × You)by Unknown
Camila Cabello is a Senior Highschool student who live in Miami With her Grandma. She was known as a stubborn and a trouble maker student thats why her grandmother decid...
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Wrong Group Chat? (Funny 5h Text Messages) by BechloeSendrick05
Wrong Group Chat? (Funny 5h Text your friendly dinosaur
When Lauren gets added to a random group chat that she wasn't suppose to be, she meets some strange girls that go to her high school. FUNNY TEXTS BETWEEN THE GIRLS IN HI...
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Another 5H texting fic I can't be bothered to name properly by battlecry7473
Another 5H texting fic I can't battlecry7473
Normani and Camila are gay and in love. Dinah and Ally are in love with Lauren. Lauren is just a confused puppy. Literally what the title says. AU, they aren't famous. ...
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New Adjustments to a Little World by battlecry7473
New Adjustments to a Little Worldby battlecry7473
AU. In a society where a personality test determines the role you play, there are dominants, submissives, caretakers, and littles. When Lauren gets her results back, she...
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Make This Place Your Home by battlecry7473
Make This Place Your Homeby battlecry7473
Kidfic. Lauren lost her parents at the age of three and has been in the foster system for over a year. Normani and Dinah are registered foster parents who get a call la...
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All I Do Is Dream of You by clexylexy
All I Do Is Dream of Youby Sarah
Camila is an artist and Lauren is an actress.
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Accept yourself (ageplay) by Lynn127
Accept yourself (ageplay)by Lynn127
When Dinah wants to bring the group closer together, it works. The only problem that came along is that Ally locks herself in her room and can't seem to accept herself...
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LMS  by clexylexy
LMS by Sarah
Social media posts from Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (Sequel to HMU) (#65 in Fanfiction 9/23/17)
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Catalyst by clexylexy
Catalystby Sarah
Lauren is an angry mute. Ally is a mumbling psycho. Dinah is too pure for this prison. Normani is struggling with herself but she's trying. And Camila gets thrown into t...
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{Hiatus(?)} My Protectors. by soojinsangel
{Hiatus(?)} My Cori
Y/fn Y/ln. Age: 17 Adoptive Parents: Katherine, Michael. Status: Dead. Ethnicity: Cuban/British Siblings: None Friends: None
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Fake Phone Number (Camren AU) by trishab123
Fake Phone Number (Camren AU)by Trish
"Dating a celebrity isn't easy, Lauren." "That's what makes it fun." Or The waitress!Lauren and famous!Camila AU you never knew you needed. (cover d...
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Love and Trust (Camila/You) by allabout_gaylife
Love and Trust (Camila/You)by Allabout_gaylife
Y/n Y/ln is a famous YouTuber who makes cover videos. She's also a bit of a Harmonizer. She meets Camila Cabello at the local Starbucks she can't believe her eyes. They...
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Who's That?  by rrunningwithdreamss
Who's That? by error
Texts. All we have to say. ruunningwithdreamss and goodmanqwerty Cover by SLOTHTATO (some of these texts are actual conversations between rrunningwithdreamss and goodm...
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