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Our little secret (CamilaΔYou) (COMPLETED) by Eclipse_Jauregui
Our little secret (CamilaΔYou) (CO...by Lern Jergi💋
What goes on behind closed doors. Stays behind closed doors. WARNING: THIS STORY COULD BE TRIGGERING ~Abuse ~Rape (Non-G!p) (GxG) (Triggers Warnings) (COMPLETED)
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Acting (Camren) by camrenfanfictie
Acting (Camren)by camrenfanfictie
Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello are the two stars of one of the biggest dramaseries in the United States. Seeing them play the fierce cop-couple of Daniela and Emily...
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Take Our Hands, We'll Never Let You Fall by battlecry7473
Take Our Hands, We'll Never Let Yo...by battlecry7473
Ally just wants a place to call home and people to love her. Normani, Lauren, and Dinah just might be able to give that to her. *Contains consensual, non-sexual age pla...
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Let's Try It Out (Camren Lauren g!p) by LoveYou006
Let's Try It Out (Camren Lauren g...by E
Camila feels that's she's inexperienced with her sex life. Being she has a boyfriend Shawn Mendes, she feels the need to find a way to take things to the next level. Ma...
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Wrong Number by CatchThese1000Hands
Wrong Numberby Tati
Trying to text your jerk of an ex boyfriend, Derek, you mistype the memorized but deleted #. And who's the person on the other end? Looks like you're gonna have to read...
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LMS  by clexylexy
LMS by Sarah
Social media posts from Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (Sequel to HMU) (#65 in Fanfiction 9/23/17)
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What I Need (Camila/You) by stories_5H
What I Need (Camila/You)by .
In which Y/N is co-stars with Camila Cabello, and slowly, but surely, they realize their feelings for each other.
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Lauren Jauregui Imagines Vol. II by xXAngelus1Xx
Lauren Jauregui Imagines Vol. IIby Em
There's never enough Lauren Jauregui! Mostly Lauren/You Imagines. There will also be G!P Imagines! All rights reserved ® xXAngelus1Xx ™ 2017
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Gonna get better  by Benvoliopeanutbutter
Gonna get better by Secret Agent Donut
Sickness, Poor decisions, Bad relationships, and lies I'm not gonna leave you now I know it's gonna get better.
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Lauren Jauregui imagines <3 by LaurenPinnock
Lauren Jauregui imagines <3by Full Moon Dinah
Since Lauren is absolute bae, I thought why the hell not
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I hate you by Zaniya18
I hate youby Zaniya
I hate you Dinah Jane Yeah I love you too
Tʰᵉ Uⁿʷᵃⁿᵗᵉᵈ Wⁱᶠᵉ •Cᵃᵐʳᵉⁿ• by eclipse1976
Tʰᵉ Uⁿʷᵃⁿᵗᵉᵈ Wⁱᶠᵉ •Cᵃᵐʳᵉⁿ•by 🌝🌗🌚
Lauren G!P ♪\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/ Hey guys!!! well, i've decided to make one of my favorite book into a Camren Fanfic. i didn't create this book and i take no credits for i...
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Lost (fifth harmony/you) by 1996Vibes
Lost (fifth harmony/you)by Saleen
Y/n Sanchez was a quiet anti-social 18year old, what happens when Y/n is kidnapped as bait to her brothers trap? Almost seeking her death in a helicopter crash deep in t...
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Make you mine (Again) by LivingLikeIAmDying
Make you mine (Again)by Just Another Being
Lauren doesn't remember her past. An old materialistic couple is using her memory loss for their own good. Meanwhile Camila is raising her daughter alone and believes th...
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HMU  by clexylexy
HMU by Sarah
Messages between Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (#1 in Fanfiction 7/18/17)
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Shawmila  by ItsCelestee
Shawmila by ItsCelestee
so this was suppose to be just Camila and Shawn posting pictures on instagram, but this just turned into an actually story. So the beginning may not be good, but if you...
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It's You by moaningdinah
It's Youby moaningdinah
Ally/You I grew up with Ally, she's been my best friend for as long as I can remember. I recently turned 21 in February, she's turning 22 later this year. When we were...
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Found Myself in You(Camila × You) by Achuchunessz
Found Myself in You(Camila × You)by Unknown
Camila Cabello is a Senior Highschool student who live in Miami With her Grandma. She was known as a stubborn and a trouble maker student thats why her grandmother decid...
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Another 5H texting fic I can't be bothered to name properly by battlecry7473
Another 5H texting fic I can't be...by battlecry7473
Normani and Camila are gay and in love. Dinah and Ally are in love with Lauren. Lauren is just a confused puppy. Literally what the title says. AU, they aren't famous. ...
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exploring sexuality | camren by covermyeyes
exploring sexuality | camrenby covermyeyes
two friends- camila and lauren begin noticing things about each other. things that are wrong, but also, things that are right. they get curious. cover by @SLOTHTATO
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