My BabyGirl

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Camila's P.O.V.

After the line went dead I felt a wave of nausea hit me and I took off down the hallway into the nearest bathroom. I kneeled down in front of the toilet and threw up everything I had in my stomach. Moments later I felt someone pull my hair back and throw it up in a messy bun, rubbing my back. "Let it out Mila." I coughed up what was left and slumped up against the toilet.

"T-Thanks DJ." Dinah gave me a sad smile rubbing my arm, soothingly. When I looked into Dinah's eyes my heart grew heavy and I squeezed my eyes shut. "She's in trouble." I let out a cry and fell into Dinah's arms. I cried onto her shoulder gripping her shirt for dear life.

"We know... Shhh we know." Dinah was running her hands through my hair as I cried into her shirt. What if something's really wrong? What if we can't get her in time? Panic stared to course through my veins sending my heart into over drive. My breath was rapid and uneven. Dinah must have noticed because she pulled away with a worried expression.

"Breathe, In and Out Mila." I stared to hyperventilate barely able to open my eyes. "W-what if w-were too l-late." I said in between gasps. Dinah pulled me into her arms rocking me back and forth. "Just breathe Camila. Let's take care of you first. Breathe In and out." I did what Dinah told me, trying to take deep breaths.

20 minutes later I had finally gained control and my breathing was somewhat back to normal. I felt so tired and run down. I just want her back. Back in my arms where I know she's safe. "D-Dinah?" She looked at me wiping away my tears with her thumps. "What's up?"

"I can't wait anymore. I want to go now." Dinah's eyes softened. "Why don't we get off the bathroom floor and go talk to the rest of the girls. They were worried when you ran out." I nodded my head. I lifted my arms and Dinah laughed pulling me up to my feet. My legs gave out as soon as I put all my weight on them, nearly falling on my face. But Dinah was right beside me and reached for my hand keeping me steady. "Thanks Cheechee."

We both walked out of the bathroom and made our way down to the meeting room. Dinah opened the door and everyone's head turned to me. "Camila! Honey are you okay?" Ally was the first to run over. "I-I've been better." I gave her a toothless grin. I noticed Lauren and Normani walk over with sad and worried faces. Lauren wrapped her arms around my waist while Normani rubbed my back.

"We're here camz. Always will be." Lauren whispered in my ear before letting go. I gave her a sad smile before taking a breath in. "I'm going to Canada." Everyone's mouths dropped.

"Camila you can't go to Canada-" I cut off Dinah before she could continue. "Am I the only one who heard that phone call!? Spencer needs our help and we can't waste time talking about it. The more we sit around here the higher her chances are of getting hurt! I couldn't live with myself if I knew I didn't do everything in my power to get her back. I can't, I just can't..." I trailed off bursting into tears. I fell to my knees and put my head between them.

Thousands of images were swimming through my brain of what could be happening to Spencer. How she could be hurt or worse. What if she's scared and is calling out for me and I'm not there for her. I already lost her once I can't lose her again. "I can't, I can't.." I keep mumbling the same thing over and over again. Suddenly, I felt someone lift me up and carry me out of the office.

I looked up through my tears, Lauren was carrying me out of the room and down the hallway. We stopped in front of one of the waiting rooms we had all over the building. They were designed for rehearsing when all the booths were full. They were basically sound prove with absolutely no windows.

She carried me inside and set me down on one of the soft bean bag chairs. I curled up into the soft chair too drained to do anything else. I saw Lauren sit down next to me not saying anything. She just sat there looking at me with teary eyes. I hadn't seen Lauren cry this entire time Spencer was gone. I opened my arms slowly. "Can you s-sit with m-me?" Lauren slowly moved into the chair moulding herself into my body. I could feel her heartbeat on my chest. Her soft cry's were muffled because her head was buried into my shoulder. We were both a complete mess to say the least.

"Cam?" I looked at Lauren, "do you remember the night when Mani and Ally found Spencer?" I nodded. "Well do you remember the party?" I nodded again unsure of where she's going with this. "I almost took something that could have really fucked me up." She frowned. "I keep thinking about what if I actually took that? What would have happened? Spence saved me that night. She saved me without knowing. Now it's my turn. We have to save her. I couldn't have done it by myself and neither can she." Her eyes sprung with tears. "We need to get our little miracle back." I hugged Lauren as tight as I could. She was right, we need to save her.

We sat like that just listening to each other's heart beats before a memory popped into my head. I let out a small giggle watching as Lauren looked up confused.

"Do you remember when she tried to tie her shoes but gave up halfway through, shoving them into her shoe instead?" Lauren burst out laughing putting a smile on my face.

"Oh my gosh, yes! Then the laces slowly started to come out and when we were coming back from the store she tripped and threw all the bags on the ground. She stared at them for a good 5 minutes then turned and said she had trust issues." We both laughed at the memory.

But the hard truth hit me again and I frowned. "I miss her so much." Lauren's arm found its way around my back and held me into her chest. "I do too." We we're both enjoying each other's company talking about small things that reminded us about Spencer when the door burst open revealing an out of breath Dinah.

"You... both need to... come with me!" I looked over at Lauren and she had the same confused face as me. "What's wrong?" Lauren pulled herself out the chair, pulling me up with her. "Simon just got word of something." Dinah waved us both out of the room and we all took off down the hallway. When we reached the room I noticed that Ally was gone and Normani was flipping through piles of paper.

"There you two are!" Lauren and I spun around and saw Simon on the phone. My heart was racing. Did they hear news about Spencer? Was it bad?

"Is it about Spencer?" Simon thanked the person on the other end of the call and hung up. "That was Ridgeway Foster Care, they're revoking the adoption of Spencer because of the research that we found." My entire world turned around in the moment because the one thing that meant the world to me was going to be a back in my life. "What research?" I turned my head and Normani was holding up a file with a huge grin on her face. "The Taylor's are Ex-Mafia." I stood still not blinking, "My baby girl got adopted by two people who used to work for the fucking Mafia!" I tightened my grip on the chair that was in front of me. Rage took over and my sadness and heartbreak disappeared along with any shred of respect I had for the Taylor's. My breathing was heavy as I started to pace. "Camila calm down this is fantastic news." I felt Dinah's hand on my shoulder but I shook it off.

"MY BABY GIRL WAS ADOPTED BY THE MAFIA! HOW COULD THEY LET THEM TAKE HER!?" I screamed out taking my phone out of pocket.

"Camz! Look at me!" I held onto my phone until my knuckles turned white. I shook my head not meeting Lauren's gaze. "Camila! I need you to look at me!" Lauren was yelling over me and I could feel her hands holding mine. Her touch was soft and it brought me comfort. "There we go. Look at me." I fought the feeling to look up but caved and found myself staring into Lauren's green eyes.

A huge smile creeped across her face, "were getting her back Camz. Listen, the home is pulling away all the rights the Taylor's have over her and as we speak the police are going to the Taylor's and arresting them. We're getting her back." For the first time in days the tears that fell from my eyes were not guilt, or sadness. They weren't regret and heartbreak. They were tears of joy. My heart filled with something that almost seemed foreign, Hope.

"She's coming home?" I asked through my tears."Our Miracle is coming home." I pulled Lauren into a hug and I felt Dinah and Normani tackle us all to the ground. Everyone was laughing and crying because of the good news.

"Guys I have the-" We all looked up and Ally had the largest grin on her face. "Did I miss something?" I broke away from the girl and hurled myself into Ally's arms. "Were getting her back!" I felt Ally squeeze me tight before letting go.

"I know, which is why I just finished getting tickets on the phone." My entire face lit up with joy. "Where to?" I asked jumping up and down.

"We're going to Canada y'all!" Ally jumped into the pit and we all fell to the floor. What once was the end of time itself was now the single most happiest and beautiful thing in this entire world. My baby girl.

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