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Lauren's P.O.V.

I could hear the giggles and talking coming from downstairs. Camila and Spencer are home and I couldn't be happier but also worried. I'm not to sure how Camila is going to treat me or even talk to me after what I did. I really just want to apologize to Spencer by myself and have 5 minutes alone with her. But with Camila being right beside her 24/7 it raises some challenges.

I was siting on my bed scrolling through tumblr when I heard a knock on my door.

"You coming downstairs?" I looked up and Normani was leaning on the door frame. "I don't know if I should. I mean I don't want to push Camila the wrong way."

Normani stepped closer sitting on the edge of my bed. "You can't be sure of anything unless you try." She gave my leg a squeeze. "Come on, I talked to Camila. Just come downstairs and have some food. See where the conversation goes." She gave me a reassuring smile. I groaned "okay, fine I'm coming." I slowly made my way off my bed and on my feet.

"What did you say to Camila?" As we both walked down the stairs to the kitchen I could hear talking and laughter. Normani gabbed my shoulder. "Nothing major. Just relax lo everything will be fine." I took a deep breath and we both walked into the kitchen together.

Ally and Dinah were siting together on the farthest side facing me while Camila and Spencer we're together on the opposite side with their backs to us. "Look who I found upstairs." Normani said while presenting me off as if I was some kind of magic object.

Ally and Dinah looked up and smiled while Camila and Spencer turned around. Camila did not look impressed by my presence. Her arms were folded over and her eyes were burning into mine. I pulled away and saw Spencer. Her forehead was the first thing I noticed. The stitches were small and  the cut was still red but definitely better. She had a small smile and her green eyes twinkled in the sunlight coming from the windows.

"Hey lo, I'm happy you could come down and eat with us. We were just talking to Spencer." Ally said while pushing the chair out for me to come sit down. It was the spot right between Dinah and Spencer. Normani was slowly pushing me towards the chair. I sat down and everyone looked at me.

"Hey." I could still feel Camila's eyes on me but I decided to ignore them. She can be scary when she's angry.

"Spence why don't you tell Lauren what you were telling us before." Ally smiled and Spencer looked over at me giving me a shy smile.

"My favourite sport is softball and I used to play." Her eyes met mine and I couldn't help but smile. Honestly I think her eyes are even more green then mine. And that's saying something.

I moved a little closer. "You know that's my favourite sport too. When I was younger I used to play on a team. It's kinda the best spot ever." Her smile grew larger. "Really? You like it too?"

"Are you kidding. It's my favourite! Getting to hit a ball with a bat, how is that not fun?" She let an adorable laugh escape her lips.

I looked up and Camila was glaring at me. Shit, what did I do this time? Then she got up out of her chair, picking up Spencer. "I think it's time for you to have a shower. What do you think?" Spencer giggled. "Okay." She leaned her head on Camila's shoulder and they both walked out and up the stairs. I would be lying if I said that didn't hurt. I looked over at the rest of the girls.

"Did I say something wrong?" They all looked at each other then back at me.

"No it wasn't what you said. We all think Camila has a bond with her and she gets jealous easily with others around. It's actually really adorable." I let out a small laugh.

"Jealous of what? That's the first conversation I've had with Spencer, and we talked about softball." I let out a sigh. "How am I supposed to apologize if Camila is just going to take her away every time I try?"

Ally got out of her chair and came around putting her hand on my shoulder. "Maybe think about apologizing to Camila first before trying to apologize to Spencer."  

I huffed and got out of my chair. If Camila wants an apology then she is going to be get the best damn apology I can give. I walked up the stairs and into Camila and Dinah's room. I heard the shower coming from their bathroom so I decided to walk in and sit on the end of the bed and wait.

I looked around and saw just how messy both Camila and Dinah can be. Why we let them room together is beyond me. Just then I heard the bathroom door creak open.

"Spence if you need anything just call, I'll be right outside." Camila then walked out and closed the door behind her. She looked up and was startled when our eyes met.

"Holy shit Lauren! You almost gave me a heart attack!" She grabbed her chest dramatically. "Gosh, give a girl a heads up before you do that will yay." She mumbled under her breath and walked over to her dresser.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. I just want to talk." Camila stopped digging through her drawer and turned around to face me.

"Okay talk." She crossed her arms together and waited for me to say something. I grew more nervous the more she look at me.

"Look Camila I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry. But-"

"No Lauren no excuse could have been that great that you needed to treat Spencer like that." She turned back around and started going through her drawers again.

"Please Camila will you let me explain." She mumbled something under breathe and walked over to her closet ripping out clothes left and right.

I looked at her puzzled "Camz what are you doing?" I walked over dodging clothes on my way. I placed my hand on her shoulder "Camila?"

She spun around with tears in her eyes. "Lauren don't, just stop." She pushed me back and I almost lost my balance. She sat down on her bed and put her head in her hands crying. I'm so lost. What did I do?

"Camila?" I slowly made my way over to her bed. She didn't say a word just cried. "Talk to me Camz, what's wrong?"

"She has no clothes." She cried her voice cracking.

"What? Who has no clothes?"

"Spencer! She has nothing and I can't help her!" She yelled at me through her tears.

"Oh Camz, come her." I opened my arms and she fell into them sobbing into my shoulder. I rubbed her back trying to calm her down.

"It's okay, just breathe Camz." Her sobs became more like hiccups and her breathing evened out. "That's it." I pulled away and lifted her chin up meeting her eyes. "I'm sorry." She whispered under her breath.

"No don't be sorry! That's why I came up here. I wanted to apologize to you not the other way around." She cracked a smile wiping away her tears. I stood up placing Camila on the bed as I sat beside her.

"You're right, the way I treated Spencer was horrible and no amount of bullshit I say will ever take that away. I messed up and I'm fully aware of that. I was just a little lost with myself but I shouldn't have taken it out on Spence and you. That was wrong and I'm truly sorry. I'm sorry for everything. From the moment Spencer was introduced in our lives and every moment after that. I can't even being to imagine how she must have felt. And for that I'm sorry." I wiped away the remaining tears on Camila's face and tucked some hair behind her ears.

"Lauren....Thank you for that." She stood up and looked down at me. "I forgive you." She opened her arms for a hug and I gladly accepted. She wrapped her arms around me and I did the same. "Thank you Camz." I pulled away. "How about tomorrow you and I go shopping for Spencer? And I think Taylor left some clothes here the last time she stayed. They might be a little big but not by much." She smiled "that sounds perfect." Then she headed for the door.

"Wait, Spencer is still in the shower. You're not going to stay?" She looked back at me. "Nope, it's your turn." She gave me a smile before turning around clicking the door closed. It was silent in the room except for the faint sound of running water in the background. I grew nervous thinking about what Spencer's going to think or even say to me when she sees me. I was absolutely horrible to her, I'm just praying she doesn't hate me like I hate myself for what I said.

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