Writing On The Wall - Text Fic (Camren) by WritingByMonroe
Writing On The Wall - Text Fic ( WritingByMonroe
It said "Call Lauren for a Good Time" and under the writing on the wall was a number
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Star (You/Fifth Harmony, with Camila) by queeenoftheclouds
Star (You/Fifth Harmony, with ☁️☁️
You just signed a contract with Epic Records, the world's biggest girl group's label, and start to record your EP as a singer soon. Your music is real and personal, you...
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messages of love lauren/you by lustycrush
messages of love lauren/youby .
it all started with a simple text. text book
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Twitter DM's - fifth harmony  by Emisonislifee
Twitter DM's - fifth harmony by Bean
DinahJ: yo waddup
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Over (Fifth harmony/You) by jvstgrand
Over (Fifth harmony/You)by celeste
It's so hard to forget about the people who once loved you and cared for you. And it's harder to forget the ones who have cheated you and played you. So you leave and tr...
  • normani
  • camila
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Painted Hearts (Camren) by LoveYou006
Painted Hearts (Camren)by E
Lauren's the shy artsy girl every one goes to if they need help with their homework. Camila's the confident wild girl, known for her kick ass parties. "For she ha...
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strangers [camren] by URGHlernjergi
strangers [camren]by Alexis
we're not lovers, we're just strangers. [lauren g¡p] based off 'strangers' by halsey featuring lauren jauregui on hopeless fountain kingdom
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Fighter by normamikorslayme
Fighterby normamikorslayme
Normani/ You G!P
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Just A Prank (Camren AU) by DinahJEdwards
Just A Prank (Camren AU)by DinahJEdwards
482-583-739: I'm pregnant with your baby.
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Wrong Number? - Lauren/You by MusicBandsFans
Wrong Number? - Lauren/Youby M
G!P You Y/N gets added to a group chat, where she doesn't know anybody. Maybe she'll become friends with the people in the group chat or maybe she won't. Many things hap...
  • camilacabello
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Falling For You (Camren) by thohottiecabeyo
Falling For You (Camren)by chloe
Falling in love with your best friend was never easy. Especially for Lauren.
  • angst
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Alpha Kordei & Jauregui (Laurmani×You) by Cabello_Sin
Alpha Kordei & Jauregui (Laurmani× Ash
"And Who Are You?" I Asked, Cautiously "(Y/n).. (Y/n) Peirce." The Beautiful Brunette Said G!p Normani
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Snapchat (Lauren/You) by maiaferr23
Snapchat (Lauren/You)by Maya
A simple Snapchat conversation turned into something more.
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The star's sister by abby_telor
The star's sisterby ABBY
Abby is an average teenage girl, with high school problems and big dreams. She's Camila Cabello's big fan and she loves to sing and dance to her songs. What happens, w...
  • famous
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Chemistry (Camren) G!P by 1lindsay1
Chemistry (Camren) G!Pby Lindsay
(Highest Rank: #113 in fan-fiction) (Ranked #1 in camrenfanfic) Lauren Jauregui, typical bad girl, is the most popular girl in school. Yes, she has many friends, but sh...
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Motion. Norminah/You by chancho_sherlock
Motion. Norminah/Youby Chancho_sherlock
"Are you sure your alright dude?" I shook my head "that fucking smell" she looked around "that god damn smell"
  • laurenjauregui
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Let Me In (Lauren/You) by lolo3345
Let Me In (Lauren/You)by lolo3345
"Can I have a hit of that?" I heard a raspy voice say behind me. I didn't have to turn around to know who it was. "Smoking is bad for you, Lauren." I...
  • fifthharmony
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  • love
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What We Do Is Secret by youmeandcamren
What We Do Is Secretby youmeandcamren
The last person Camila Cabello expected to run into at her new summer camp is Lauren Jauregui, her childhood best friend and the girl who broke her heart after a secret...
  • lesbian
  • zaynmalik
  • normani
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Random Fifth Harmony  by Juls5hlover
Random Fifth Harmony by Juls5hlover
Memes?Well this is a book for you.It has 5h memes and stuff to check like 5h news.Camren Norminah Allyson and more stuff Enjoy
  • 5h
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Amnesia (Camren) by brknshdws
Amnesia (Camren)by Cross
An accident leads to Lauren being in a coma for a year. She wakes up and doesn't remember the girls or the rough relationship her and Camila have had. With no memory, La...
  • lgbt
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