Personal Driver

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Spencer's P.O.V.

It wasn't until I stepped off the plane and the cold Canadian air hit me did I realize how homesick I was. I loved California but nothing beats the place where you grew up. I gradually made my way from the plane to the terminal, grabbing my duffle bag from the pick up station. I got a few odd looks here and there, probably because a 7 year old was walking around the airport alone. I just kept walking making my way to the where the girls said to meet my ride. After a couple of minutes I heard my name being called.

"Miss Spencer! Over here!" I turned my head scanning the crowd for the source of the voice. Then I made eye contact with a young man wearing a black suit and tie. He quickly pushed passed some people making his way over to me.

"Spencer Johnson?" I nodded my head slowly looking into his bright blue eyes. "Sorry. I forgot to introduce myself." He gave me a warm smile sticking his hand out for me to shake it. "I'm Jace. Your personal driver." My mouth hung open. "A personal driver? I'm 7." He laughed taking my bag from my hands. "I know. That's why I'm driving. I mean would you like to drive sunshine?" I smiled a little making him let out a breath be probably didn't realize he was holding in.

"Can I?" His eyes sparkled but gave me a smirk. "Don't count on." He extended his hand for me to take and I gladly took it. Even though I just met him, I trust him.

"So are we going back to the foster home?" I asked as we walked out of the airport doors. "Yes. You will be staying there for the night then I'm back in the morning." I looked up at him confused. Was I being moved again?

"Why only the night? Am I being transferred to another home again?" He ignored my questions as we reached the car. It was black with tinted windows and extremely new, way too expensive for a foster home to have. "Jace?"

"Hold on. I'm going to put your bags in the trunk and help you buckle up." I let him take my bags but I secretly hid the phone in my hoodie pocket. He came back opening the door and I climbed in.

Once the car was started we took off out of the airport as if everything was normal. But it wasn't. I'm so confused. Maybe the girls hired a driver to take me back?

"Did the girls hire you?" His eyebrows creased together looking at me through the rear view mirror. "You mean the people that were taking care of you in California?" I nodded my head. "No it wasn't them."

Okay, now I'm even more confused. "Jace, I'm really lost." Without hesitation he spoke again. "Your memory is still gone isn't it?" How did he know that? "Yes."

"That explains a lot. Well sunshine I don't think you're asking the right person. I'm just doing my job." And just like that he went quite. Well thanks for the help. It was silent the rest of the ride back. It was pretty early in the morning and I eventually fell asleep in the back of the car.


"Miss Spencer. You need to wake up, we're here." I felt arms shake me awake and I quickly opened my eyes rubbing the tiredness out of them. "Camila?" I looked up but was disappointed. "No, it's Jace sweetheart. We're here." He pulled me out of the car and placed me on the pavement. I looked passed the car and I felt my heart grow heavy. We we're standing in front of my foster home. It was a lot darker then I remembered.

It was a tall building with small windows lining the outer wall. There was barely any grass or trees. I remember thinking this was a prison. This wasn't the nicest home I've been in but you can't pick we're your placed. The high black fence is the first thing to catch your eyes. It wrapped around the whole lot, keeping all of us in. "Come, Mrs. White is waiting for you." Her name sent chills down my spine. She was one of the worst care providers I've had. She was mean and would do her best to bring down kids self esteem. Luckily she barely knew who I was so I could avoid her more then others but now she's going to know who I am.

"Are you okay Miss Spencer?" Jace leaned down checking to see if I was alright. "Yeah I'm fine." I swallowed hard pushing back all the thoughts and memories of this place. "Okay."

I slung the backpack over my shoulder while Jace carried the duffle bag. The gates opened almost on cue and we made our way up and into the building. All the lights were off but one of the TV's was on in the back room creating a long shadow down the hallway. You could briefly hear the voices on the TV but it was nothing compared to Mrs. White.

"Well well, look who came back, Spencer Johnson." Mrs. White was standing about a foot away and I could feel her eyes burning into mine.

"H-Hello Mrs. W-White." My voice was shaky and so were my hands. "What do you have to say for yourself?" She placed her hand on my shoulder squeezing it tightly. I winced under her hand but kept my whimpers low. "I'm sorry." She lifted her eyebrows for me to continue, but I wasn't sure what else she wanted me to say.

"What are you sorry for?" I hung my head low. "I don't remember." I whispered into my shirt. "Speak up! I can't hear you when you mumble!" Her voice grew more angry while her grip tightened. I stood frozen in fear.

"Sorry to interrupt, but she doesn't remember what happened." I looked over to see Jace giving me a soft smile before looking up towards Mrs. White. "Is that so." She pushed some hair out of my face revealing my stitches. "Is that nasty scar on your forehead the reason?" I swallowed a lump in my throat and nodded my head. "Yes Mrs. White."

"Well I guess that's their problem now." She let go of my shoulder and pushed me towards the stairs. "Go right to bed and be up by 8 tomorrow morning." I scrambled to grab my bag that was on the ground and flew up the stairs not wanting to spend any more time with Mrs. White.

When I reached my room it was exactly like I left it. Empty. I don't have a roommate, or any special pictures. No sentimental belongs. Nothing to make me feel more at home. I had a bed and a small dresser off to the corner. With a window that was my only source of light. I walked over placing my bag on the bed, dumping my backpack along with it. I looked over and the clock read 3:00am. I had about 5 hours to get some rest.

I pulled myself into bed not caring enough to change. I had a million thoughts going through my head. Most of them consisting of the girls. I missed them so much. Especially Camila. My eyes became watery but this time I let the tears fall. Without thinking I pulled out the phone from my pocket and opened up the camera roll.

There were dozens of pictures of the girls. Some selfies of Dinah, funny faces of Lauren. Ally and Normani posing in silly ways. But none of Camila. I guess they got the phone the day we had our fight. It didn't hit me as hard as it did right now. She never said goodbye. The one person I put all my trust in and she didn't care enough to say goodbye.

The tears came out faster as I pushed my head into the pillow, trying to drown out my sobs. The last thing I needed right now was Mrs. White yelling at me for crying too loud.

"She never cared. No one does." I cried myself to sleep with only sorrow and regret in my heart.

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