Fifth Harmony Memes by CC__5H
Fifth Harmony Memesby CC__5H
Contains Fifth Harmony Memes I wanna share if easily offended then please leave Highest rank #1
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Speak (Camren) by camrenjelly
Speak (Camren)by camrenjelly
Camila was just a teenage girl with autism, that's all she was ever defined as. Until she met Lauren, the psychiatrist's daughter and star softball player of her highsch...
  • autism
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Love&Basketball (Camren) by CC__5H
Love&Basketball (Camren)by CC__5H
《CONVERTED》to Camren Camila Cabello a teenager about to begin her senior year has been dating her boyfriend Austin who is an aspiring actor for a lmost two years. But a...
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Before by youmeandcamren
Beforeby youmeandcamren
When the confident, determined Camila Cabello joins the successful band Be4, sparks fly between her and her bandmates, none more so than with Lauren Jauregui. But as the...
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Good To Go (camren) by CrayforCamzi
Good To Go (camren)by Andee G.
What exactly are you supposed to do when one is halfway out the door, and you're picking up the pieces to build back what you once called home? Highest Ranking #4 in Cam...
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Rainbow Room {CAMREN} by Cece-Ellejay
Rainbow Room {CAMREN}by Capital S
Hiding behind online identities, they meet each other by joining the local lesbian cyber match-maker called Rainbow Room. Little do they both know, they may be closer th...
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Fifth Harmony Text (Camren/norminah) by deadonthefloormija
Fifth Harmony Text (Camren/ mija
A group chat between fifth harmony and some other famous people #52 in fanficton❤
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Alpha to Alpha (camren) by yojauregui
Alpha to Alpha (camren)by yojauregui
The Jauregui pack and the Cabello pack were inseparable. Until one mysterious night, that changed everything. ((credits to @/korslay for the cover))
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HMU  by clexylexy
HMU by Sarah
Messages between Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (#1 in Fanfiction 7/18/17)
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If I Were A Boy (camren) by tbhlauren
If I Were A Boy (camren)by lil
Lauren Jauregui has had a crush on her fellow band member, Camila Cabello for a while now. Still friends, they have gradually grown very distant. One night, Lauren is up...
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Not over you by Victorious-Lover
Not over youby Victorious-Lover
G!p Lauren Sequel out now
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The Lost Luna (Camren) [Editing] by _eriiicaaaa_
The Lost Luna (Camren) [Editing]by _eriiicaaaa_
Five teenagers, One pack, the Maximus Lunae Pack. Follow Lauren Jauregui's journey along with her pack through complications, fights, deaths, and love. This fanfic or it...
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The Real Camren by JustAJaguar
The Real Camrenby Kasper J
Started Sep 1 ~ 2017 1) Read with an open mind 2) Don't Ask Questions 3) Don't share this story This journal was written from September 1st 2017, and was updated DAILY u...
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"Sister's For Life" by Emison112
"Sister's For Life"by Jauregay💕
Fifth Harmony is officially is on a hiatus. Dinah thinks it would be cool to have all the girl, including Camila, in a group chat. 6-18-18/// #4 Camren 8-11-18/// #1 cam...
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The Werewolf Girl (Camren) by MadelineJauregui
The Werewolf Girl (Camren)by Madeline J
Lauren lives on her own. Her parents were murdered and now she lives alone in the woods in her family's house. During her sophomore year in High School, she had to fight...
  • supernatural
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Can't breathe  by Victorious-Lover
Can't breathe by Victorious-Lover
Camila g!p Converted
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OUT - What happened to us? (Camren)  by Alex-Unicorn
OUT - What happened to us? ( Alex Unicorn
What happened to us? How do I fix it? Can we talk? Is it my fault? I'm afraid of you. Do you miss me?
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"Holy shit I'm so gay." by t1nytr33
"Holy shit I'm so gay."by norm1la
(Credit to the lovely and prismy @shprism for this fabulous cover) In which the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your wrist.
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  • soulmate
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Texting You by dinahfantasy
Texting Youby Brook
Lauren and her friends get bored one night and decide to prank text someone... maybe they take it a little bit too far? Camren Au I DO NOT ALLOW CONVERSIONS !!
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  • fifthharmony
  • noamiscott
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Love Drunk | Camren by ayyocabello
Love Drunk | Camrenby kt
Camila Cabello doesn't frequent bars. However, one nasty breakup and several shots later, she finds herself confiding in a certain green-eyed bartender. Mature for langu...
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