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Camila's P.O.V.

I squeezed my eyes shut hoping and praying this wasn't bad news about Spencer, I couldn't stomach the thought.

We all piled out of the car and followed the police officer to a large building around the corner. When we all walked inside my stomach fell and my lips were left agape. Every police unit in the city were gathered in one small lobby. My heart filled with hope seeing so much effort go into our little Spencer but countless number of firearms and weapons were everywhere leaving a terrified feeling in the pit of stomach. Who were we dealing with that needed this much artillery? I nearly felt sick thinking about it but I was forced out of my circling thoughts with Lauren squeezing my hand.

I looked up and met those piecing green eyes I know so well. They immediately softened when I felt tears prick at my eyes. Lauren ran her finger tips over my knuckles softly while mouthing 'it's okay' and a feeling of calm rushed over me. I nodded with a small smile; squeezing her hand back, lacing our fingers together.   

"What is this place?" I finally asked as the police officer turned his head, "this is how we're going to get your little girl back." An evident smile formed on my lips as we were lead down a hallway to a separate room. When the door opened Simon was siting at one of the desks. "Ladies! I was waiting for you to arrive." Silence washed over the group as we all stared at Simon with wide eyes and guilty hearts. "You were?" I manged to say but it was no louder then a whisper. 

"Of course! I'm not stupid. I knew you couldn't stay away so I had Justin here bring you all to me." Simon stood up from his chair escorting Justin out. When it was just the six of us Simon let out a sigh. "Not only were we waiting but we need you for this operation." His gaze met mine and I felt my heart beat escalate. "Camila we need your help." My help? Why would they need my help?  I asked myself feeling almost light headed as Simon continued to look at me with determination in his eyes.

"Why me? What do you want me to do?" I croaked out as my voice seemed to disappear mid question.  Simon pulled his gaze from mine and grabbed his phone off the desk. He walked forward, head down as he looked for something on his phone then slowly turned his phone towards me. It was a picture of Spencer and she looked absolutely broken. "No" I breathed out feeling my chest tighten and my eyes water. She had bags under her eyes underneath the makeup. Her tiny body somehow looked even more skinny and her stitches looked like they haven't been taken care of at all, especially with the makeup as its trying to hide what's underneath.  On top of that her lip looked swollen like someone hit it. When Simon sent me the other picture it was just a side profile but this was different. It was her whole frame. "She looks so... sick" my voice cracked as tears fell from eyes. "That's why we need you. Spencer trusts you and we want you to go undercover and get her out before the units shut down the party." My mouth instantly felt dry. I didn't know how to respond. I'm not even sure how much trust I still have with Spencer, for all I know she might hate me.

"No way!" I was taken back and yanked out of my thoughts as I spun around seeing Lauren with red in her eyes. "There's no fucking way you're sending Camila in there! It's dangerous! This isn't some tea party Simon! Those are real criminals with real guns!" Her fits were clenched and her voice was almost in a growl. "Lauren we know, trust me I don't want to do this either but we don't have any other choice. If you ever want to see Spencer again we need someone to get her out, but she won't just leave with anybody. We need Camila." Everyone looked speechless including myself. I glanced over towards Lauren and I could tell she was thinking, trying to figure out another way, but I pushed back all my fear just thinking about how scared Spencer must be. That thought was my new driving force.

"I'll do it." I squeaked out, holding back my tears as I straightened myself out. "If getting her back means this, then I'm going." Simon looked pleased as he quickly rushed towards his desk typing furiously on his keyboard.

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