Chapter 47

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Corvus made his way inside just as Draco was coming down the stairs.

"Did you fell into the pond?" Draco asks, noticing the water gathered around Corvus feet and called for one of the house elves.

"Yeah, kind of when I hugged Topaz," Corvus says and thanked the house elf for the drying spell. Draco's eyes widen in happiness and he jumped down the last three steps.

"So where is she?" he asks glancing toward the door as if Topaz would just walk right in.

Corvus shook his head and told him what happened along that they would see her again at Hogwarts for their fourth year.

"Boys, are you ready to head out?" Narcissa asks from the top of the staircase.

Corvus narrow his eyes at Draco silently asking 'ready to go where?'

"We need to get your school supplies for the new school year," Narcissa says when she reached the bottom of the staircase and noticed the water in the foyer.

"Why is there water in the foyer?" Narcissa asks.

"Went into the pond when Topaz came," Corvus explained.

"You mean the siren you boys told me about?" Narcissa asks.

They both nodded.

"Why did not she come in?" Narcissa asks.

"She had to return to Hogwarts to help Professor Snape with something," Corvus says hoping she would believe him. Since he was not sure how he would have told her that Topaz did not want to go inside as not to hurt her.

"Maybe you can invite her here during break. Let's go before it gets crowded," Narcissa say.

Corvus and Draco nodded going one at the time into the floo.

Severus flooed into Lucius study the moment Narcissa and the boys left.

"Topaz came back," Severus, says grabbing Lucius attention.

"She confirmed what Dumbledore told us yesterday about Hogwarts going to hold the Twi-wizard competition this year and I think Dumbledore is planning on using Corvus in the competition," Severus says.

"I don't agree with him using Corvus," Lucius says.

"None of us do," Severus says pouring himself some firewhiskey.

Severus kept his gaze in Lucius whose gears were turning in his head.

"Do share your plan," Severus says sipping his drink.

"We can use the tournament to show the world who he really is," Lucius says.

Severus raises an eyebrow at his words, "How do you plan on doing that?" Severus ask.

"Still working on the details for that but someone has to keep an eye on the headmaster," Lucius says with Severus nodding in agreement.

"I might be able to ask the bloody baron to keep his eyes open," Severus says.

"I'll let Tom know about this," Lucius says and stood up to also pour himself a drink.

"Did you told this to Narcissa?" Severus ask.

Lucius froze for a second before he took a breath and shook his head.

"I do not want to stress her and I don't know how she will handle the information," Lucius says.

Severus swirls his drink and says, "Knowing Narcissa I'm sure she knows something you don't."

"Do not you need to get ready to teach those dunderheads of students," Lucius says a smirk appearing on his face at the sound of Severus scowling in distaste.

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