Chapter 9

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Corvus exits the bathroom seeing a dressed Topaz smiling at him while Narcissa caught her breath. Corvus could see the struggle from Narcissa part as she was sweating a little. She refuses to show her tiredness as she leads the way to where they will be having breakfast. Their heads lifted when Narcissa enters the room follow by Corvus and Topaz. Narcissa took her seat next to her husband Lucius Malfoy who sat on Tom right across from him was Severus with his godson Draco whose mouth opened to say something but was cut off by Narcissa glare.

Corvus took a seat next to Narcissa and Topaz sitting next to him. Before anyone could ask or say anything Narcissa says, "Any questions will have to wait till after breakfast, the boy needs to eat in peace to regain his lost weight." Her stern motherly voice made it hard the other men to refuse her. So they ate in silence excluding the small moments in which Topaz asks Corvus what the dish was because she never ate any of those things even decline the offer of any meat.

The empty plates left the same way they came by elf magic. "Who are you?" Tom asks the question that has been on everyone's mind. Corvus straightens up before saying, "My name is Corvus Gryffindor-Slytherin Gaunt Black Potter," everyone was shocked their eyes moving between Corvus and Tom, who he supposedly is related to him. That old fool made me attack my relative. Tom mouth tighten as Severus took one of the questions they wanted an answer too from his mouth. "Why is the glamour still active?" Corvus too wanted to know that since even him did not know because he was sure he lost control of the spell when he fell unconscious.

So he glances at Topaz who is the only one who knows he had a glamour and was there when it fell at the Dursley's. Topaz not only has Corvus eyes on her but also Tom's, Lucius, Narcissa, Severus, and Draco. An average person would feel pressure by the intense stares they were receiving but not Topaz, who was trying hard to push down her excitement. Which was because her sirens adored being watched especially when they were in the search for their mate.

"It's simple is camouflage seaweed which is not easy to find." She says. The others blink in slow motion trying to wrap their heads around camouflage seaweed? Is what swims in inside their minds. Corvus was the first one to snap of it and say, "I'm not sure if I should be angry that you wrapped my face in seaweed or be amaze that something like that exist." Topaz shrugs adding "There is a lot of things two-legged don't know. I can remove the seaweed if you want." Corvus nodded watching Topaz left hand to move closer to his ear before ripping it off, quickly as a bandage.

"OUCH!" Corvus says. The full effect come to him now his hands going straight to his face feeling the difference along with removing the unnecessary glasses since his vision was perfect. The other took a minute to appreciate the change of look from Harry Potter to Corvus how he is supposed to look like. Their stares made Corvus feel a little self-conscious was about to ask if he looked okay but Topaz hand on his shoulder, "They are just shocked so don't worry you look handsome."

Corvus relaxed slightly under Topaz touch. Tom manage to compose himself and shock everyone by saying, "I'm sorry for using the killing curse on you. Part of it is my fault because I became obsessed with the prophecy and-" Corvus stops him with a shake of his head. He could not allow him to say anything else because he will need to stand his ground against the real enemy who is Dumbledore. "Dumbledore is to blame for this war. You and I were puppets for him to use. Making us fight each other to the death so he can end being the winner. I propose that we join forces what do you say, Lord Voldemort?"

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