After hearing about their fathers arrest, Aviana and Jughead move to Southside high. Whilst her brother is writing articles, Aviana feels right at home and meets a boy w...
  • veronicalodge
  • season2ofriverdale
  • blossom
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skin tight [y.m] by pjmtastic
skin tight [y.m]by kat
"you're so gorgeous, jiminie. but don't you think you'd be even more gorgeous if you lost a little weight?" *this book is old pls don't judge me* anorexia, sel...
  • issues
  • park
  • love
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Tickle story requests by demonoftheearth666
Tickle story requestsby DM123
This is a set of stories that I got requests for from my friends, and yes they are all about tickling. Have fun ;) So the reason why I didn't put this in originally is b...
  • ticklee
  • stocks
  • armpits
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Diana • Riverdale • Sweet Pea by HarrysSweetPea
Diana • Riverdale • Sweet Peaby HarrysSweetPea
For Diana was the girl nobody could forget.
  • archie
  • romance
  • jughead
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i've always been the girl that got away but maybe its because im always running no one has been able to stop me
  • gắng
  • hate
  • betty
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Poison Ivy||Sweet Pea|| by LostBhabie
Poison Ivy||Sweet Pea||by LostBhabie
"Well if you are so brave why can't you love me," "And if you are so cocky why can't you tell me that you love me?"
  • sweetpea
  • kevin
  • fpjones
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Side Chick: Paris's Story by TuMadre_
Side Chick: Paris's Storyby Zhanè
"Don't call or text, I'll be doing that " "You Mine and only mine " "Lastly, don't ever ask about my girl" All Rights Reserved 2015
  • side
  • stripper
  • sidechick
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Little One [ Kylo Ren x reader ] by ourloveiscold
Little One [ Kylo Ren x reader ]by Maddie
Kylo Ren x reader Not giving out details... Read it and find out yourself :))
  • xreader
  • side
  • starwars
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Always and Forever (Showki fanfic) by AsSoftAsYoongi
Always and Forever (Showki fanfic)by AsSoftAsYoongi
Kihyun always wanted to be a head chef in some classy restaurant for the rest of his life but unfortunately fate had other plans. Hyunwoo never expected to fall in love...
  • monstax
  • side
  • unknownillness
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The Side Nigga (Lesbian) by ForeverLoving1562
The Side Nigga (Lesbian)by ForeverLoving1562
  • lesbian
  • fem
  • side
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Never Leave My Side (A Teen Pregnancy story) by Sairahiniel97
Never Leave My Side (A Teen Kay
"About that, Storm..... I - uh... I need to tell you something...." I started fishing the test out of my pocket. He was still looking at my face and couldn't s...
  • fiction
  • jason
  • sairahiniel
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Charlie's Story (Plus Students) by Therealgoku9000
Charlie's Story (Plus Students)by Charlie Pride
just curious it's like the minute he becomes a different kind of saiyan more girls show up to fucking be his master lol
  • roleplay
  • ốc
  • idk
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other side 》zjm by zainpride
other side 》zjmby iti malika
"Vamos enfrentar o que vier." Continuação de Devil Side. posted: 23, may, 2018. finished: zain malik fanfiction, by zainpride
  • zain
  • lies
  • wattys2018
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♣Түүний харанхуй тал 2♣ "COMPLETE" by StarlitFictions
♣Түүний харанхуй тал 2♣ "COMPLETE"by ✨StarlitFics✨
Чи намайг Жэжүүнтэй гурван жил үерхээд амьдрахад намайг түүнээс уйдна гэж бодож байгаа байх. Чи намайг Жэжүүнтэй гэрлээд жил хагас амьдраад түүнийг гадна,дотно үгүй мэдд...
  • family
  • jaejoong
  • marriage
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OBSESSED >> MEET MY OC'S by underscorewaterparks
Meet the oc's of my stories 'You're so obsessed with yourself Maybe you should undress with yourself, hey I get...
  • characters
  • selenagomez
  • jughead
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being taught to be good | superhero Sander side AU by SonOfSanders
being taught to be good | The Bad Guy
Sometimes the villain doesn't want to be a villain but has to, to gain free will from the world but people forget that a bad guy can be good if the good guys can be bad...
  • morality
  • pattonsander
  • decesit
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The Bad Boys Girl by Littl3MissPineappl3
The Bad Boys Girlby •♡ K Y L I E ♡•
"Who knew the nerd could be such a badass?" Benny laughed as he high fived his friend. "Oh trust me there's a lot about me that you don't know" ~~~~~...
  • forever
  • romance
  • badgirl
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.:A Light In The Dark:. (A Kylo Ren/Ben Solo love story) by sanguineXnight
.:A Light In The Dark:. (A Kylo sanguineXnight
Ahri has a hard time whenever she is forcefully ripped away from the only home and family she has ever known whenever the First Order and its Knights of Ren attack her h...
  • firstorder
  • kyloren
  • kylo
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I Spy (A Kangs Fan-Fiction) by FangsFogarty
I Spy (A Kangs Fan-Fiction)by Fangs Fogarty
Kevin Keller. Riverdale's well known gay boy. Kevin ends up going on a little spy mission to find out if one of the South Side Serpents gang members, Fangs, is a homosex...
  • fanfiction
  • serpents
  • fan
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She changed me.. for the better by Itsurrgurl3
She changed me.. for the betterby Beni♥️🖤
Bryden Johnson is your typical 21 year old. She never party's, and she never drinks. She is accepted to UCLA to study in pediatrics. She expects everything to go great u...
  • college
  • soft
  • love
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