Chapter 38

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"It was good especially potion class," Draco says with a small smile but Narcissa could tell there was more but she will get it out of one of them when they get home.

"That's good to hear let's return home and you can give me more details," Narcissa says putting emphasis on the details part. Draco nods taking her hand as Corvus took Lucius and they apparated back to Malfoy Manor.

"Boys go put your things in your room," Narcissa says Corvus and Draco nod taking their enlarged trunks from Lucius.

Narcissa and Lucius made their way to the sitting room.

"Tell me what's worrying you, Narcissa," Lucius says sitting next to her on the sofa his feature soft as he patiently waited for her to speak.

"Are you worry about the boys?" Lucius asks

Narcissa gives him a small smile, "I will always worry about them it's part of being a parent," she answers he nods returning the small smile.

"Then it must be Topaz?" he asks

Narcissa nods, "I asked Severus to also keep an eye on Topaz,"


"Everything have been well still winter came," Narcissa say sadness in her voice Lucius caress her hand in a smoothening manner.

"If I remember correctly she doesn't like the cold," Lucius says

Narcissa lips part to say something but a house elf pop in bowing to them as it says, "Lord Snape arrived," then it disappears to do his chores.

Narcissa didn't waste a minute to get up and went to find Severus who she found closing Topaz room. Severus held up his hand to stop Narcissa, "Relax she is fine and most likely will go into hibernation due to the cold weather," Severus explains his words calming Narcissa slightly but not completely, I have not been able to spent a lot of time with her and now she will sleep for the whole winter break.

Lucius moves closer to Severus, "How exactly did you manage to get her out?" Lucius ask in a soft voice so Narcissa doesn't hear him.

"Had to use magic to lift her out which was not as simple as it sounded," Severus says Lucius nods glancing to his wife who was not paying attention to them.

"Don't tell her how you did it," Severus rolled his eyes, "I'm not dumb to risk her angry wrath," he says and turns around to leave only to be stopped by Narcissa voice.

"Severus, you don't have any plans for Christmas break, right?" Narcissa ask a polite smile that clearly told him agree.

"Not anymore," Severus mumbles under his breath.

"Did you say something?" Narcissa asks the dangerous smile on her face Severus shakes his head.

Lucius gives him a sympathy look, "Good, you will be dinning with us," Narcissa says.

Dinner was a quiet matter before they moved to the sitting room where Draco told them what happened in school without leaving out the part of Corvus getting cornered by five Gryffindor's.

"WHAT?!" Narcissa demands in which Corvus explains that they didn't harm him instead, that he sent them flying with a simple shield charm.

"You might need extra lessons on getting control of your power," Lucius says

"Yes but that would will be for later because we will not be spending Christmas here," Narcissa says a smile on her face.

"What do you mean, mother?" Draco ask

"Yes, what do you mean?" Lucius ask

"We will go somewhere warm for Christmas," Narcissa says because she wasn't going to allow Topaz to sleep through this holiday.

"Like where?" Corvus ask never been out of England. Draco places a finger on his lips thinking before saying, "Why not Greece I read somewhere that sirens are from there," Narcissa eyes lit up in excitement.

"Before we get ahead of ourselves there still the big problem of getting Topaz there," Severus says it was not easy getting her here so I doubt it would be getting her to Greece.

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