Chapter 39

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Narcissa nods, "Well I'll leave that to you three," she says nodding to Draco, Lucius and Severus. They opened their mouths to protest but quickly shut them from the look that Narcissa gave them.

"Yes, mother," Draco says

"Yes, darling," Lucius says

Severus mumbled a yes which was enough to please Narcissa. She turned sweetly to Corvus, "Come there is someone who wants to meet you," she says and Corvus simply nods knowing that he has it easy for now.

It was not still they both left that Draco, Lucius and Severus managed to relax.

"Will Corvus be okay?" Draco ask

"He doesn't have to deal with a magical creature that can easily kill us," Severus says

"Severus!" Lucius says

Severus shrugs, "What? I'm just telling him the truth and to also be cautious," he says Lucius just sights shaking his head.

-Riddle Manor-

"Ah Corvus," Tom says welcoming them to his home.

"How was school?" Tom ask

"I'll tell you about that instead do you know where Sirius is?" Narcissa asks

Tom calls for his house elf and tell him to get Sirius who comes in a few minutes later. Sirius froze the moment he saw Corvus in the sitting room. His mouth opened and closed while his brain tried to make sense of what he was seeing. Because he was expecting a copy of young James instead a complete different person stood there. Confirm what Narcissa told him and the others.

"He is your uncle Sirius," Narcissa says staring at Sirius for confirmation and to see if he will say something about Corvus not being Harry Potter.

Sirius took in a deep breath then exhaled as he walked closer to Corvus who gave him a curious look.

"Yes and I'm glad to finally meet you, Corvus," Sirius says a smile on his face.

"You too and I'm glad that I have an uncle," Corvus says giving Sirius a hug who returns it.

"You have to meet the others they are a rowdy bunch," Sirius say leading Corvus out of the sitting room to go in search of the others.

When they both left Tom asks, "Something happened in Hogwarts right?"

Narcissa nods and tell him what happened.

"So he using unforgivable curses on students," Tom shakes his head, "then I'm the one called evil when he is using unforgivable curse on his own students. Under the noses of parents and possible other teachers."

"Yes and he is using them to give Corvus a hard time in school. Drawing Corvus to come to him," Narcissa says releasing a sad sight.

"We will expose him but in a way, he can't sneak his way out of it," Tom says ponderings ideas.

Narcissa nods, "But not now because we are going to Greece,"

Tom blinks, "What do you mean by 'we'?" Tom ask Narcissa only give him a smile which he knows that things will not be good if whatever thing she has planned doesn't go like she planned.

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