Chapter 32

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Lucius raises an eyebrow and nods at her to continue.

"I'm Topaz mate. Sirens have a unique song that is only meant to be heard by their mate if she sings it only the mate will hear it everybody else it will be silent and" Lucius raises his hand stopping her midway.

"You don't have to explain yourself to me. We both know that our marriage was arranged and that there was no love like the one you are starting to develop for Topaz," Lucius says

Narcissa throat closed up from the multiple emotions going through her right now. Lucius smiles softly knowing that Narcissa will be able to obtain the love she so much needed which was something he wasn't able to give it to. He did love her, but it was more of a friend love than that of a lover. He had no doubt that her relationship with Topaz will not her love for Draco.

"Thank you..." Narcissa says softly

Lucius stands up, moves closer to her and bends down to say, "You have nothing to thank me for. I should be the one thanking you for accepting this marriage and for our son," Narcissa couldn't hold back her tears they slowly slipped down her cheeks. Lucius wipes her tears away with his thumb the cracking of the fire alerted them to someone trying to communicate with them by the floo network.

Lucius stood up quickly while Narcissa collected herself.

Tom head came through the fire, "Sirius, Bellatrix, Rabastan and Rodolphus have woken up," Tom says before leaving.

Lucius made his way to the fireplace with Narcissa right behind him as they both flooed to Riddle Manor. They exited out into Tom's living room who was notified about them arriving at his manor by the wards.

"Where exactly are they?" Narcissa ask after looking around the room along with the silence in the manor which wasn't ordinary especially if her sister was here.

"Oh them," Tom says moving toward the sofa were a brown box lay on it along with Nagini trying to grab whatever was inside the box with her mouth. But was shoo away by Tom who picked up the box bringing it over to Lucius and Narcissa.

Lucius and Narcissa peer inside the box seeing four rodents.

"You transfigured them into rats!" Narcissa says

"Uh they were being annoying..?" Tom says slightly unsure glancing at Lucius for a little help in dealing with Narcissa but he just shook his head telling him a clear 'You are on your own'

"Still not a valid reason to change them into rats. What if they were eaten by Nagini?!" Narcissa demanded eyes glaring at Tom who shrugged oh why were you slow Nagini on eaten them.

"They are actually mice not rats," Tom says but it wasn't enough to quell Narcissa anger.

"Change them now," Narcissa says

Tom sights placing the box on the floor, moving a few steps away. He pulls out his wand and says the counter spell returning the four mice to their original human forms. The four of them didn't fit in the small box which ended up with them falling down onto the ground. Narcissa took that opportunity to run a medical scan to check if they sustain any injury during their time in Azkaban.

The scan was clean not counting a slight malnourishment which can easily be fixed.

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