Chapter 34

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"How did they escape?" Dumbledore asked himself while he read over the Daily prophet. That had the main headline reading;

Azkaban prisoners have broken out!

Below it was moving pictures of the escaped prisoners but only one would have worried him if the Dursley's were still alive. Sirius would surely take him away from them which was something he couldn't allow because Harry needed to be kept naive and easy to manipulate. However, due to the Dursley's unforeseen death by some unknown person Harry is currently in the hands of the Malfoy's which was something he wanted to avoid.

Nevertheless, there was still a slim hope that using Sirius dislike of Slytherin's could bring Harry back to the light.

I will have to ask him if he had any contract with Sirius because I'm sure that he would want to go with him instead of staying with the Malfoy's. Dumbledore smiled evilly at his plan forming in his head.

*knock* *knock*

Ah just on time he thought switching to his grandfather mode.

"Please coming in," Dumbledore says hiding the newspaper under a book as Corvus carefully opens the door.

"Ah please coming in Harry. Lemon drop?"

Corvus shakes his head taking the empty seat in front of Dumbledore's desk.

"Am I in trouble, Headmaster?" Corvus ask hoping that those Gryffindor's didn't twist what happened and say that he attacked them instead of the other way around.

"Oh no, Harry you're in no trouble at all," Dumbledore says his words relaxing Corvus slightly which of course Dumbledore took it as a sign of trust when Corvus was far from ever trusting him again. But he will have to play along as to keep him believing he was naïve and still in his palm. So he doesn't suspect that they are planning a way to reveal Dumbledore for the horrible person his along with proving that Tom is not the enemy but Dumbledore.

"Then why am I here?" Corvus asks holding back his urge to grimace at Dumbledore's clearly fake caring grandfatherly smile.

"How are you doing in your classes? and the Slytherin house treating you well?" Dumbledore ask keeping his dislike for that house out of his voice.

"I'm doing well and they are," Corvus answers trying to keep his responds short and quick as not to prolong his stay.

Dumbledore nodded in approval, Another, thing I wasn't expecting but what about his former friends? Dumbledore wondered before he asks, "How about your best friends?"

Corvus cast his gaze down not seeing the flash of triumph in Dumbledore's eyes that left as fast as it came.

"I...I have not been able to get close to them and from the glares the rest of the house give me is clear as day that they hate me," Corvus says lowering his voice as to sound sad.

"It's understandable that they will act like that but I'm sure they will change if you just talk to them," Dumbledore says

Psh if they were truly my friends then they wouldn't have tried to ambush me! And get better? I doubt most of them can overcome their dislike for Slytherin's. Corvus thought as he nods to Dumbledore's words.

"So your advice is to give it time?" Corvus ask

"Yes and if you have any problems you're welcome to come to me for advice," Dumbledore says his eyes giving Corvus that annoying twinkling.

Corvus nods, "Thank you, headmaster and if you would excuse me I have to do some research for a Charm's paper,"

"Oh yes, school work is important," Dumbledore says with Corvus nodding in agreement before taking his leave.

Dumbledore leans back in his chair, I couldn't get information about any encounter with him and Sirius but having him sad and depress about his former friends. Can also help me to get him to try and obtain their trust again which can lead him to turn away from Slytherin's.

Corvus sights when he is a decent distance away from Dumbledore's office, can't believe I had to use homework to get out of there.

"Harry? Can I talk to you?" Hermione ask from behind Corvus who stiffed at the sound of her voice wondering if there were others Gryffindor's hiding somewhere.

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