Chapter 8

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"We will have to wait still he wakes up to ask him," Lucius says standing up from behind the desk. They nod in agreement and left to go to bed since they could only wait for now. The next morning came fast for Corvus, who woke up to the feeling of someone next to him. Along that, the sheet under him were soft and expensive to his guess. I might not be at the Dursley's house anymore. He looks to his left where he saw Topaz nude once again and sights letting a small smile on his lips. I'm sure there will be a long struggle to get her to wear clothes. Corvus sights watching her chest rise when she breaths.

She might have been the one who stopped the Dursley's from beating me. However, where am I? He wonders looking around the Slytherin colors used to decorate the room. A movement from next to him drew his eyes back to Topaz, who woke up. A big smile on her face seeing that he was alright, "Corvus! I'm glad you are alright." She says taking him into her arms. Corvus face temperature rose, and his face turns red from being pressed against Topaz bare chest which was not small.

I doubt I'll see melons the same again if she continues to be topless. Corvus tries to wiggle himself out of her hold, but it only made it harder for him especially since his face was squeezed by her breast. Which cut his air supply from reaching his lungs. Topaz notice the lack of air and releases Corvus who gulps down the needed air. I understand now how a fish feels without water.

A knock on the door grabs their attention, drawing toward the door which was being open by Narcissa, who pokes her head inside to see if everything was alright. She smiles seeing that he was awake; Corvus eyes widen at the sight of her "They helped to heal you," Topaz says trying to get Corvus to relax. Corvus nods at Topaz Maybe there is another side of this story than the one Dumbledore tells everyone. Narcissa relaxed a little walking into the room, "How are you feeling, Harry?" Corvus mouth open a little but closes quickly giving her a polite smile before saying, "A little sore and hungry but everything else is fine. Thank you for healing me, Mrs. Malfoy." She blinks a little shock at his polite tone is this Harry Potter? I doubt it since he was surprised when I said his name which tells me he was not aware that the glamour was still active.

"You are almost done healing, but you still need to get some weight on since potions will not be enough to help you gain the weight back." She says. Corvus nods, getting the feeling of being a lectured by a Mrs. Weasley, who also commented on his lack of weight. "Do you feel alright to have breakfast in the dining room?" she asks softening her eyes to tell him that it was okay for him to denied and to stay in bed to rest some more if needed. Even when Tom and the other did want him to meet them so he could shed some light on some unanswered questions.

Corvus glances at Topaz for a second before turning to face Narcissa and replies, "I will have breakfast with you all and I would prefer if Topaz also came along with us," Narcissa glanced at the girl. So 'Topaz' is her name. It fits her, especially with those beautiful blue topaz eyes. Reminds me of the vacation we took to an island in the Mediterranean. Topaz smiles while she was smirking inside of her enjoying the stare she was getting from Narcissa.

Corvus clears his throat to get Narcissa attention; Topaz scowl Corvus for taking Narcissa attention away from herself. She did not let her displeasure show on her face and instead focused on what Corvus was asking Narcissa, "Can you allow Topaz to borrow a simple dress? She is not used to clothes." Narcissa nods. I would be too if I had to hide a beautiful body like her's. Narcissa summons a light green summer dress and some undergarment. Corvus excuse himself to go the bathroom and change using the clothes that were laid out for him already.

Topaz looks between Narcissa and the clothes in her hands. "This will not be easy would it," she says her shoulders slumping down at the playful smile on Topaz face. Corvus releases a sight escaping the danger that can manifest of having to get Topaz in clothes. He allows himself to relax as he took a quick shower noticing how his skin was bruise free and the craved word was only thin lines. Which could go unnoticed but what puzzle him was the fact he still had glamour to look like Harry Potter.

Is Topaz keeping the glamour active? Hmm, I think she wants me to tell them who might ask about it today. Would I be able to trust them? Maybe. If I can trust Topaz who I don't know a lot about then why cannot I try to listen at least to the man who sought to kill me believing I was Harry Potter.

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