Chapter 12

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"I will not mind giving them a little push and escaping," Topaz says. Their heads turn to her with a look of doubt and curiosity. "How?" Lucius ask. Topaz waves him off by saying, "As long as they are free and in one piece does it matter 'how'?" Lucius was about to say something but was cut off by Tom saying, "I don't trust you but" glances at Corvus, "He does, and our options are limited." Topaz nods and says, "I might be neutral, but I will not harm your family."

Tom's voice died down his throat as he and the others watch her leave. "If she is not a witch then what is she?" Draco asks looking at Corvus, who shakes his head and says, "That's something you should ask her,"

Why is this water cold? That prison better not be far. Topaz swims at a fast speed toward the triangle shape prison.

"Siri, are you there?" Bellatrix says. Sirius rolls his eyes, "Rabastan and Rodolphus are asleep aren't they." She giggles like a school girl which confirms his words. I need to get out of here! Sirius wonders pacing around his small cell.

His little prayer was answered by a pop of a bubble destroying part of his cell along with Bellatrix, Rabastan, and Rodolphus, who the blast woke them up. They didn't miss a beat about jumping into the rough waters since it was better than having your soul sucked out by a dementor.

Topaz eyes follow them as they descent down into the waters which the moment they made contact with the water. Topaz put them in a light slumber, three sea turtles caught their bodies and swam alongside Topaz back to the manor.

"Draco, why don't you give a tour to Corvus," Narcissa says.

Draco nods and stands up with Corvus following behind him. "I'm going to research on how to remove magic blockers without letting the one who did it know," Narcissa says excusing herself to the library leaving Tom and Lucius at the table.

"Lucius, I will need you to be alert at the ministry because if she succeeds in getting them out of Azkaban, then you will have to make it seem as if it was a low-rank death eater," Tom says.

Lucius nod his agreement and adds, "They will have to stay here. We cannot afford someone seeing them and recognizing them. Dumbledore will not be able to do anything since I already have a plan to keep him from sending a search party after them."

Tom places his chin on top of his folded hands a smirk on his lips as he asks, "Do share that plan of yours,"

"The prison itself its surrounded by rough waters and the only way to get out is by apparate, but that cannot be done in there. Flying is out of the question so they would have to jump in the ocean. Which we can use as to say they were killed by the rough waves." Lucius said. Tom smirk grows as he spoke liking the plan which truly does sound believable.

"Are you going to continue to attend Hogwarts?" Draco asks. The tour finish and they were sitting in Corvus room. "Yes, but I will have to wear the glamour and continue to pretend that I'm Harry Potter," Corvus answers. Draco sights seeing how much Corvus didn't want to act no more because they would have to pretend that they were enemies. I really wanted Mother and Father to adopt Corvus, but it would only make the headmaster suspicious unless...

Corvus tilts his head seeing Draco in deep thought, his curiosity building up when Draco's eyes lit up as if he has just come up with an idea.

"I have a plan that can throw off the headmaster for a little while but you will have to wear the glamour but only when you attend classes," Draco says a smile on his face as he jumps to his feet and grabs Corvus by the wrist. "Come we have to tell this to mother first so she can then tell father who will tell Tom. There will be no way they will disagree with my plan," Draco says.

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