Chapter 6

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"Stay away!" Topaz yelled bitterly, holding Corvus closer to her naked boy, which Tom didn't pay any attention to. Since he was more focused on not making the wrong move that would get him killed. He lifted his hands, showing her that he was unarmed, his wand in one of his sleeves. "I will not harm you or the child. That child needs help, and if he stays here, he will die." Tom said in the softest tone he could muster out of himself.

Topaz shifted her eyes from the man to Corvus, who was unconscious, his skin losing colour as his heart beat slowed. Topaz managed to heal the fatal wounds, but it didn't change the fact that Corvus would die in her arms if she did nothing about it. She looked back at him with determination in her eyes as she spoke, "Use your blood to swear to me that no harm will come to him and that you will do anything in your power and resources to get him healthy." Tom could not believe his ears, even less how his body started to move by itself.

Is she using Imperius?! Tom shook his head in doubt as he bent down to grab the dagger that had been used on Corvus off the floor. Tom lifted it to is right wrist, "I swear." he said, a thin line across his wrist let the blood drip; it did not reach the ground as magic took it away, sealing the promise. Topaz nodded, watching the promise seal, Tom walked toward them and said, "I'm going to apparate both of you to a safe location where I will have two of my best healers take a look at him." Topaz nodded, allowing him to lay a hand on her shoulder, the other resting on Corvus, who still harboured the glamours of Harry Potter due to Topaz keeping them up. After all, nobody knows that the real Harry Potter is dead. They will find out in time. Those were Topaz's thoughts as Tom apparated them to a bedroom in his manor. Topaz levitated Corvus' body to the soft bed. Tom left the room, mumbling something on his way out, Topaz could care less about what he said. Corvus was her priority.

Dumbledore and the Order apparated in front of 4 Privet Drive the exact moment that Tom apparated t away with Corvus and Topaz. "Check every inch of the house," Dumbledore said, his voice sounding commanding, something he tried to hide with a cough. After all, he has to keep up a face. The house being intact could be a good sign that Voldemort had yet to arrive. "Albus! The Dursley's are dead!" Minerva yelled, drawing his attention away from his thoughts. He quickly followed Minerva inside, going straight to the living room wher Petunia and her son were sitting beheaded with dry blood around them. One of the Order members found their heads, she had to look the other way to keep from vomiting at the sight.

This was not done by Voldemort, there's no trace of dark magic. "Dumbledore, you have to see this," another member said, making him hurry up the stairs with Minerva on his heels. The stopped in front of a room that looked more like a cell, since the door had locks on the outside to keep something in. There was only a dirty mattress, the floor was covered in fresh and dry blood. Minerva covered her mouth in shock; her eyes widened in fear for Harry. The member who called them up was bending over a pile of dust, using spells on it. "ttthhhiiss used to beee Vernon Dursley." He said, his voice was trembling. Dumbledore's twinkling eyes dulled as he glared at the pile of dust before doing a 180 to worried, grandfatherly eyes and asked, "What about Harry? Has the body been found?" his words made Minerva take a sharp breath, which was released when the member shook his head. "He might have been taken by the looks of it." Minerva turned to Dumbledore with newfound anger directed at him as she yelled, "I told you! These muggles were the worst type of people! But you did not listen and look what happened!" Dumbledore sweat dropped as he tried to calm his deputy headmistress who looked like she could blow him to the next house. "Please calm down, Minerva. We are going to find young Harry and bring him to a safe place before Voldemort can get his hands on him." His words seemed to have calmed her just a bit. "You better, Albus. He is still a young boy." Dumbledore could only nod while his mind started to come up with plans and hopefully the missing Harry Potter doesn't destroy his main plot.

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