Chapter 13

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"Mother!" Draco called out as he and Corvus busted into the library. Narcissa looks up from the tone she was reading to give her attention to her son. "Yes? Is there something wrong?" Draco shakes his head as he sat down and starts to say, "I have an idea on how to fool the headmaster," Narcissa closed the tone to listen to her son's idea. "You are saying that we found an injure Harry Potter and didn't tell them because we were focused on healing him and making sure he was alright. That will put us on the light side so Dumbledore wouldn't suspect us and we can learn a different side to Dumbledore," Narcissa summarize Draco's words.

Draco nods. "Corvus and I wouldn't have to be enemies because we can ask for a resorting and he can't deny it since it is in the rules. Corvus would be the one asking for it with the face of Harry Potter," Draco says. Corvus nods, "If I'm sorted into Slytherin I will not have to keep the glamour on when I'm in the dorms," he says. Both him and Draco stares at Narcissa for responds who mulled the idea in her head seeing that could be a good idea. It will benefit us to learn what Dumbledore is actually planning which will make him show his true face to the world.

"I agree, but I will have to talk to Lucius first and if he agrees then we might have to go public about how we are watching and helped to his healing of the boy who lived," Narcissa says and Corvus sights before saying, "The wizard world will know how I was mistreated by the Dursley's," Narcissa eyes soften seeing the fear in his eyes as she is sure he remembered what he had to go through in the hands of Harry Potter's relatives.

"Hello?" Topaz calls out. Corvus quickly jumps to his feet at the sound of Topaz voice. Draco and Narcissa were right behind Corvus, who they notice was bursting with excitement to see Topaz, who have only been gone half a day. Topaz is standing in the living room, a small puddle of water under her feet and around the other four guest. Corvus runs into the room straight to Topaz, who he throws his arms around her shoulders. Not even caring that she is wet along with the dress that Narcissa lets her use. Narcissa went straight to her sister to check if everything is okay. "They are just sleeping," Topaz says.

"How did you break them out?" Corvus ask, and Draco added, "And the dementor? They roam the prison." Topaz shrugs and says, "I didn't even go inside. I only blew up a chunk of the prison which so happened to be the one they were lock in,"

"They jump down into the waters," Tom says walking into the living room. Topaz nods.

"Why are they wet as you drag them through water?" Narcissa asks, doing a heating spell on all three of them to dry them up. "Are not you cold since you are also wet?" Draco says. Topaz sights and Corvus gives her one more hug before letting her go so she can talk.

"I am cold, but it will leave no heating spell needed since I don't want to be cooked. Yes, I had a few sea turtles help me carry them through water because it's the way I travel. I'm a siren." Topaz says. Her eyes scanning their surprise faces except Corvus, who already knew what she is and Tom, who looked more like he was thinking.

That does answer some questions on how the fat muggle was killed or more of the entire liquid from his body absorbed. No wonder my body moved on its own, she really can be dangers even with just her mere voice. No wizard can even do that; the closest we have to control is the imperius curse.

"Now it makes sense with the seaweed. What about does legs?" Draco asks drawing some curiosity from everybody. "A day. Is how long I can walk on land," Topaz says with sadness in her voice. Corvus shakes his head and asks, "What will happen after a day passes?" Topaz eyes shift to him seeing the worry in them along with a small hint of fear. She pats his head while saying, "My tail comes back, nothing bad happens actually." Corvus relaxes after hearing that.

"There is no water source in this manor other than a bathtub," Tom says in amusement because if he thought about it. It is funny that she is powerful and is capable of doing magic even he doesn't know. Nevertheless, she needs water to be on land. One thing he was sure of is that Corvus is essential as not to experience the wrath of a fish.

Draco and Corvus look uncertainly at Tom, who was laughing at something funny. Narcissa was busy with checking everything of her sister, cousin and Lestrange brothers. "He might be amused that I will be a fish without water or something along those lines," Topaz says, the boys nodded. "They are merely sleeping just like Topaz said and their magic is low, but that has to be because they were in Azkaban. Tom they will have to stay here since we can't afford for them to be found at Malfoy Manor. Corvus and Topaz will be coming to Malfoy Manor to put the plan my son came up with to motion," Narcissa says, standing up to face Tom, who gave her his full attention at the mention of a plan.

So Narcissa gave him a summary of what Draco told her and watches him nod in agreement. "That is a brilliant plan," he says to Draco, who bows to him for the compliment. "Thank you, Tom," Draco says. Tom nods waving them away, Narcissa took one hand of the boys while Topaz took Corvus before she apparates to Malfoy Manor where she will have a discussion with her husband. After they had left Tom called for an elf to take the four sleeping wizards to a room.

I have to research a potion to cancel the power of her voice. It mostly will be for precaution if she does something to betray us.

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