Chapter 1

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"Topaz!" Harry called out to the lake, watching for any sign of bubbles, indicating Topaz was surfacing. "Yes?" she answered coming up right in front of him, startling him. His hand went straight to his heart, "Don't do that! You might give me a heart attack!" Her eyebrows knit together, along with her head tilting to the side in confusion. Harry sighs, seeing her confusion, "It's a human thing." She nodded, understanding.

"I gave it some thinking about what you told me and decided to remove them." he said. She smiled, her tail splashing a little when she moved in the water. "We have to go to Gringotts Wizard Bank." he said. She raises an eyebrow at the mention of "We". "I'm coming too?" he nods, removing the backpack from his back, he set it down and opened it. He pulled out a sweat shirt, pants, shoes, and his wand. He closed his eyes before mumbling a spell and waving his wand, transfiguring the clothes to a simple spaghetti strap dress, underwear, and some black flats.

"I figured you would be naked and-" she stopped him mid-sentence by saying, "Yes, I will be naked and I will put these things on since I do not think I could go naked." He shakes his head, taking her extended hands to help pull her out of the water. He watches how her beautiful tail starts to disappear and split into legs. Towel, he muses in his mind, quickly taking it out from his, now empty, bag. He hands the towel to Topaz who accepts it gladly; he turns around to give her some privacy as she dries herself and gets dressed in the clothes he transfigured. He has been transfiguring his clothes since his first year at Hogwarts, because the hand me down clothes from his fat cousin were too big on him. So, he had to use magic and fix them so it did not look as if he was wearing a sack of potatoes.

It did not take long for Topaz to figure out where each piece of clothing went on her new body. "You can turn around now," she says, he turned around, nodding his approval. "We will have to catch a cab to London." She nods and tries to take a step forward but her legs give in on her and she falls. However, he was there to catch her, "Sorry Harry, I'm still getting used to two legs." she said while steading herself with his help.

He shook his head, "Don't worry, you'll get used to it." She nods, leaning on him as they walk out to a slighly more crowded place, where Harry calls for a cab. Her eyes look around her in bewitchment from not having any intefration with humans. "You haven't been around humans at all?" she shook her head, taking his hand as they get into the cab. She keeps her eyes glued to the passing scenery.

Am I really Harry Potter? If not, who am I? Does it mean that the headmaster has been lying to me this whole time? Topaz glanced at Harry who looks to be in deep thought, so she hums a happy tune. Both Harry and the driver glance at her, enjoying the sound of her humming and bringing smiles to both of their faces.

The cab comes to a stop and they get out, "How much sir?" Harry asked, pulling out his wallet. The driver waved him off saying, "Don't worry lad. Being able to hear your friend singing is payment enough." Then he drove off. "If I can ask, can you do magic and manipulate people with your voice?" Harry asked while they walked toward a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. She nods and says, "Yes, I am a siren after all. Not many wizards like my kind." He gives her a puzzeled look for a moment before his face turned emotionless as they entered the Leaky Cauldron.

It gave Topaz the chills at the dark atmosphere and wizards/witches drinking and talking. She really did not like it, so she stayed on Harry's heel as they went through to the back, leading to Diagon Alley. "Wow, it's so much brighter here!" she said. Harry chuckled, enjoying watching her glee at discovering new things, along with noticing that she got the hang of her new legs.

"The bank is this way." Harry said, pointing to a white building at the end of the street.

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