Chapter 55

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Topaz didn't have to be there to know that Fleur was indeed chosen as a champion to represent her school.

Only Fleur was aware of Topaz inner turmoil that she hide from Corvus and his friends because she didn't want to cause them anymore trouble. Also to allow them to enjoy school because Topaz has noticed a change in Corvus when he started to befriend his classmates.

That little by little Corvus didn't need her as often meaning the end for Corvus to finally be himself was close. The moment Dumbledore called her to his office in February.


"Ah Topaz, come and take a seat," he said, nodding toward the chair in front of his desk.

"It's alright, Headmaster. I'll rather stand," Topaz said as he pops a lemon drop into his mouth.

"Okay then. I notice how close you and Ms. Delacour have gotten from the many years you two have been apart," he said and Topaz could only nod while keeping her hands behind her back to prevent herself from doing the same thing to him that she did to the Dursley's.

"That's why I want to ask you to be the one who  Ms. Delacour has to save in the second task," he said.

"I'll do it," Topaz said.

Dumbledore smiles, "Severus, will give you the potion you have to drink," he said.

Topaz nodded.


"I'm not going to drink that," Topaz said with her arms crossed.

Severus sighs putting the vial back in its place, "Figures as much. You will have to pretend to be asleep as they move you," Severus said.

"I know. Are you the one who will put me down there?" Topaz asked.

"Yes, I made sure the headmaster allowed me because the moment you touch water you will change, correct?" Severus asked.

"Yeah, and don't tie the chain because the merfolks and my kind don't get along. So, I don't want to spend that much time down there," Topaz said.


"Get ready, GO!" someone shouted from the surface. However, Topaz was busy trying to hide from the merfolks who she didn't want to get involve with.

She hide in the seaweed and saw the other two champions swim past her to the one's they have to rescue.

Where are you, Fleur?  Its cold here! Topaz thought as she swam upwards.


Daphne glances at Corvus who stares at the water surface worriedly.

"Everything will be alright. Remember she is a siren," Daphne said.

"I know, but I still worry especially when the water is cold and she doesn't like that," Corvus said.

Daphne frowns but grabs his hand and gives it a squeeze. He glances at her and smiles but it didn't last long when Draco elbow him.

"What?" Corvus asked.

Draco nods towards the professors stand where Lucius whispers something to Dumbledore.

"Oh no," Corvus said and Daphne glances to where they were looking at to see Dumbledore shaking his head.

However, they didn't have to wait long to know what was happening when Tom's voice boomed around them.

"I see that everyone has been gather making this the right time to tell everyone who you really are," Tom said from his position on a broom where everyone could see him a smirk playing on his handsome face. Along with Narcissa and Grinffion flying next to him most likely having information to prove who Dumbledore is.


Topaz managed to find Fleur who she grabs by the waist while the other two champions resurface.

She swims away from the commotion that is happening above which Topaz assume is Tom revealing what Dumbledore did to Corvus and that it was all for the sake of the Greater Good.

They break the surface near the shore with Fleur crawling onto dry land.

"I do like the one piece, but I would prefer to see you in a two piece," Topaz said with a slight chuckle earning herself a huff from Fleur.

"So, Corvus will be free now," Fleur said

Topaz nods and glances to the gray sky where she caught a glimpse of a Dementor mostly likely there to take Dumbledore away.

 Fleur bites her lower lip not wanting to cry at the thought that Topaz will be leaving.

"I know this is painful for you, Fleur but if I don't-" Fleur shakes her head.

"I understand why you are doing this," Fleur said.

Topaz stretches her hands, Fleur leans forward allowing Topaz to pull her head towards her own to press their lips together in a slow kiss filled with many emotions and promises of being together soon.

They separate for air, staring at each other, "I swear to you that I will return and nothing will keep us apart after that," Topaz said and Fleur could only nod not trusting her voice.

"It's a promise, ma siréne,"

A/N: This is the end for this story in which the end I wanted to focus more on Topaz and Fleur. That's why I didn't place that much focus on what Tom was going to say because he simply was just going to repeat Corvus injuries, the reason that Dumbledore did it which was for the greater good, Grinffion explaining what really happened to Harry Potter and what Dumbledore did to hide the fact that Harry Potter was dead.

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