Chapter 53

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Fleur found the painting and said the password after multiple tries because the painting wouldn't let her in because she was not a Slytherin. That she had to mention Topaz so it would open up for her.

Fleur's eyes darted around the room as she moved forward.

"Stop!" Topaz said making Fleur move backward just as she was about to step in the pool.

"You should also look at the ground ahead of you," Topaz said.

Fleur looks down at Topaz floating in the water her eyes widen seeing Topaz for what she really is that her throat dried up. And her veela inside her was hitting the cage and repeating 'Take her! make her ours!'

Topaz raises an eyebrow, she uses her hands to squirt water at Fleur to snap her out of it.

" 'ey!" Fleur said and wipes the water of her face.

"Had to do it because you were a statue and let me guess Corvus gave you the password," Topaz said.

Fleur narrow her eyes, "You zaid it az you don't want me 'ere," Topaz shook her head.

"That's not it and I'm happy that you are here. I been searching for a while now but..." Topaz trailed off lowering her eyes.

Fleur's face softens and she removes her shoes before lowering herself down to sit on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water.

"I know, 'at you are worried about Narcissa and-" Topaz cut Fleur short by pushing her backward and trapping her there with her hands next to Fleur's head.

"Yes, but that is not the only thing. My father gave me an ultimato of helping Corvus and then returning home to learn about the kingdom before I'm given the reins of everything. and if I don't return home after I finish here then we will have another great flood which I will be forced to watch how everyone drowns and gets eaten. By helping Corvus I can start forming a relationship with wizards/witches to prove my father that not all two-legged are bad." Topaz said, tears streaming down her face onto Fleur's.

"Which is why I can't have you yet because for some coincidence someone finds out I found you. You will suffer something worse than forgetting my existence," Topaz said.

Fleur reached a hand to Topaz face wiping away the tears, "I'm 'ere zo you don't have to carry all zat weight by yourself," Fleur said and pulled Topaz head down for a tender and loving kiss to reassure Topaz. However, that tenderness wasn't lasting long as Fleur's free hand that wasn't holding Topaz face started to roam her back eliciting a soft moan from Topaz. The veela inside cheering inside Fleur urging on to continue.

"Boys, I don't think we should go in," Daphne said from outside.

At the sound of her voice Topaz got off Fleur and returned down into the pool.

They enter the common room to see Fleur sitting at the edge of the pool a annoyed look on her face.

"What happened?" Corvus asked.

"You scared ze fish," Fleur grumbled out.

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