Chapter 2

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Topaz walked behind Harry who was thankful that her beauty was grabbing the attention away from him as they made their way to the building he pointed at. They entered said building, there were tall counters with small creatures behind them. "Goblins," Topaz said in a low voice, just loud enough for Harry to hear her. "Excuse me." Harry said to a nearby goblin who looked down at them from where he was sitting at. "Yes?" it drew out, his eyes showing slight disgust when they went to Topaz who was too busy observing something else to pay attention to him.

"I want a consult for my vaults and-" Harry was interrupted by Topaz who whispered something in his ear. The goblin watched the exchange of words as Harry nodded at her and continued saying, "Parental lineage and inheritance." The goblin nodded before motioning for them to follow it to a room which had two seats in front of a desk. The walls were coloured maroon, however the room had nothing that stood out.

Harry takes a deep breath and exhales as he took a seat with Topaz taking a seat next to him. When they both were seated a door behind the desk opened and a goblin walked in with some things under his arm. "Now then Mr. Potter, please slice your palm and let your blood fall on this parchment, it will tell us who you, and your parents, are. After all, blood cannot lie." The goblin spoke, a grin on its face.

Harry nodded, slicing his right palm, and let the blood fall on to the parchment. The blood moved around the parchment writing names in the form of a family tree, also writing which families he is lord of. Topaz let out a low whistle at the amount of names. The goblin moved the parchment around so he could read it, more like summarize. "You are not a Potter by blood, but you do have lordship, the properties, and the vaults. You are also Lord Black, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Your parents are descendants of both Gryffindor and Slytherin but you were stolen by the Potters to replace their child who died before it was even born. Dor them to steal you they had to kill your parents, making your name Corvus Gryffindor Slytherin Black Gaunt Potter."

Harry's eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly open in shock, but it did not loast long as he managed to get his composure back. "What are the state of my vaults?" he asked just as Topaz leaned in and whispered something to him, he nodded. "The Gryffindor, Slytherin, Gaunt, and Black vaults have not been touched, however, the Potter vault has had money withdrawn by Albus Dumbledore who is also using a Black property; 12 Grimmauld Place." The goblin answered, Harry hands ball up into fists, he tried to keep calm as he gets his next words out, "Are you able to freeze the Potter vault so he doesn't take any more of my money, and get him out of my property?" the goblin nodded as he placed a box in front of Harry, he opened it and takes out five rings of lordship which the goblin hands to Harry, who takes them and places them on his fingers one by one. Each ring accepted him as the lord for their respective houses.

"Albus Dumbledore is your magical guardian which is why he has access to the Potter vault, and for the property another member of the Black family is in charge of it. For you to have complete control you will have to get emancipated or have another person as your guardian, also, they have to be a wizard or witch." The goblin explained when he saw Harry's eyes move to Topaz when he said that. Topaz's blue eyes were filled with worry and sadness that she could not help him since she was a siren, not a witch. Harry still stayed composed when he asked, "When I find another guardian I can stop what Dumbledore is doing?" the goblin nodded and adds, "He will not be able to touch your other vaults, I can also make a card so you can use money from your other vaults. When you have a different magical guardian you will be able to go into the vaults."

Harry nodded, feeling tired, he still had one more question, "Can you remove the glamour's and spells on me?"

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