Chapter 46

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The rest of Corvus third year went uneventful that soon it was summer. Corvus always found himself near the small pond of the Malfoy. Waiting for any sign of Topaz, his head was in his arms that he did not notice the movement in the water still a wet hand was placed on his arm. That had him lifting his head, eyes widen in surprise at the sight of Topaz smiling up at him.

Corvus eyes teared up as he threw his arms around Topaz neck, which ended up with him getting into the water too.

"I knew you would return!" Corvus says tightening his hold on her.

"Yyess but you hur-hurting me," Topaz tries to say to get Corvus to let her go.

"Sorry," Corvus says quickly releasing her.

"It's fine," Topaz says.

"How did you escape?" Corvus ask pulling himself out of the water onto the edge.

Topaz raise an eyebrow at him before relaxing her features, "I was not a prisoner neither were they happy with my decision but I will make dad see differently," Topaz says her voice filled with determination. That Corvus could not resist from nodding even when he honestly did not know what she was refereeing to 'her dad seeing thing differently'.

"Ah come on I know the others will be glad to see you especially Mrs. Malfoy," Corvus says grabbing Topaz hand but she just pulled away.

"Corvus, she doesn't remember me and I doubt my presence will help," Topaz says.

Corvus shakes his head, "No, she is doing much better now and we even told her about you," Corvus says moving back from the cold look Topaz gave him.

"It will not be the same she will only see me as an acquaintance or if I'm lucky a friend," Topaz says.

"But you could sing the-" Corvus started but Topaz shook her head.

"It doesn't work like that since the mate song is only to help find our mate then it's just a matter of time when love comes. In addition, she is not my true mate; otherwise, she would not have ended as she did. So let me ask you when you told her about me how did she react?" Topaz ask.

Corvus glanced down remembering when he and Draco told Narcissa the fun they had in school with Topaz. However, she only nods and smiles her eyes did not have that light of happiness.

"She might know who I am but the emotion she might have felt for me is gone," Topaz says a hint of sadness in her voice.

Corvus hands fist up before forcefully grabbing her arm, "Does it matter if she is not your true mate? You still care about her otherwise you would not have come," Corvus says. Topaz black hair fell on her face, hiding it.

"Of course I care! It hurts me what happened to her and that I could not do anything to help her. Seeing her now might make it worse because of what my brother said and I do not want her to experience the consequences of it. So I'll see you at school," Topaz says yanking her arm back and driving down but not before Corvus caught sight of her crying face.

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