Chapter 25

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"So let me see if I understand this; you are saying that he is not Harry Potter, but everyone believes he is when he is actually Corvus Gryffindor-Slytherin Gaunt Black Potter. And he has to wear glamour to look like Harry Potter because nobody knows that the real one is dead and we have to keep his true identity a secret from the whole school except our head of house who knows who he is," Theodore summarized their tale.

Draco and Corvus nodded sitting next to each other with Theodore, Pansy and Blaise sitting across from them.

"Prove it remove the glamour," Pansy challenge her arms crossed over her chest.

Draco opened his mouth to say something, but Corvus bet him by saying, "I will show you'll but when we reach to the school because I don't want to risk any Gryffindor's seeing me since they might tell a professor,"

Pansy sights, but accepted his answer.

"So you were the one I saw in Scribbulus," Blaise says. Corvus nods glancing to the other side instead of looking at Blaise who chuckles.

"Have you guys seen Harry?" they could hear Hermione voice from the next compartment.

Oh no this not going to be good and now I wish I could pull out my invisibility cloak but that is in my trunk which is not here.

Corvus glances at the other Slytherin's whose eyes where glue to the door waiting for Hermione to come knocking on search of him. Corvus held his breath as Hermione shadow was coming closer to them, but she didn't get the chance to open the door because the train did a sudden stop.

"Why are we stopping?" Pansy asks

Corvus moves closer to the window, frost gathering outside the window making it harder to see outside. Is not even winter so why is there ice on the window? Corvus wonders

Draco carefully slides open the door with Theodore right behind him, his wand out really to throw spell if someone was trying to rob the train. Which is dumb since there are only students on the train, "Dementor's," Blaise says grabbing everyone's attention with Draco and Corvus sharing a similar thought since they know who they are looking for and know who broke them out.

A few students whispered glancing down the hallway and out the window of the hallway where multiple black cloaked creatures where flying. Draco closed the door and ask, "Well should we play a game?" they nod and Theodore pulled out a card deck. They played multiple rounds of exploding snap still they arrived at Hogsmeade train station.

Corvus walked in between Blaise and Theodore using their slight height difference to hide from the other Gryffindor's for now since he couldn't hide when he got inside Hogwarts.

Let dinner not be complicated Corvus prayed as he entered the Great Hall with Draco and the other heading straight to the Slytherin table. In which Corvus kept his eyes lowered still he took a seat was when he lifted his eyes to look at the head table.

He made eye contact with his former head of house McGonagall who smiled at him giving him confident and that she didn't mind that he was resorted to Slytherin. However, he couldn't say the same for the other Gryffindor's who were glaring at him and the Slytherin's some looked angry and some confuse and surprise as to why the golden boy is with the snakes.

"Don't mind them they are morons, no offence since you were one of them," Pansy says

Corvus shrugs, "None taken,"

"You are one of us now Co-I mean Harry we will help you if they try to bully you otherwise Draco would have our heads," Blaise says with a chuckle as Draco glares at him and Pansy and Theodore nod in agreement. Which makes Corvus smile at them as they continue eating dinner while having small and quiet conversations which was different from the Gryffindor table.

"Why is Harry with those slimy snakes?!" Ron ask

Hermione face scrunch up in disgust at Ron's horrible table manners.

"Yeah and why didn't Dumbledore send him to us when his relatives were killed?" Ginny ask

"I don't know, but I don't like this," Hermione said poking at her food.

"Do you know what is going on, George?"

"No, do you Fred?" the twins questioned each other looking over at the Slytherin table.

"Doesn't he seem happier?" Neville adds in grabbing the twins' attention who glance back at the table noticing him laughing which was something he didn't do when he was eating with them.

"He does, Fred"

"Oh yes, George,"

Neville sights, "It's hard to know who is who when you both talk like that,"

The twins grinned at Neville who sweat dropped worry as to what the twins where planning so early on that even classes has not even started.

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