Chapter 22

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Topaz blinks up at him processing his question for a moment. "Why not?" Topaz says pulling a one of her black hair and giving it to Mr. Ollivander who nods in approval.

"Your hair will make a good core for his wand especially on how rare is to see a Siren on land," Mr. Ollivander says before going back behind the counter.

"Has that ever been used to make a wand?" Corvus asks Mr. Ollivander nods in which Draco adds, "It's rare correct? Because acquiring it is a challenge since Sirens spend their whole life underwater and don't surface along with them being more powerful than a mermaid?"

"That's correct, Mr. Malfoy." Mr. Ollivander says Draco smiles smugly for knowing that information.

"How long will the wand take? Because school is starting in two days," Corvus ask

"Normally, it would take longer from trying to get the core and wood to cooperate with each other since the core was given willingly it will take less time," Mr. Ollivander explained Corvus nods and pulls out a few gallons since Grinffion will make him a card when he finds a magical guardian. The term 'magical' could be miss leading in the sense that it could be a werewolf or something else that is capable of using magic.

Narcissa stops him from pulling the money out, "You are part of the family Corvus so allow me," Narcissa says paying Mr. Ollivander and telling him that she will send an elf to pick it up.

They left Mr. Ollivander shop and went straight to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions in which Topaz stayed close to Narcissa as she avoided the glares from Madam Malkin. If she gets any closer might consider moving near the sea, Narcissa thought.

It only took a few minutes for Draco to get re-measure because he had grown and they both ordered new Slytherin robes that will be picked up the next day by a house elf.

"Mother, can we go to Quality Quidditch Supplies?" Draco ask

"Yes, when you both are done meet us at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour," Narcissa says both boys nod and run off talking about Quidditch.

"What's Quidditch?" Topaz ask Narcissa takes Topaz arm while saying, "A sport that you might find boring instead, why don't we get ice cream," she didn't allow Topaz to answer instead Narcissa somehow convinced the owner to create a complete new flavor in the moment.

Topaz waited for Narcissa outside sitting under multiple color umbrella which she was glad for since the sun was oddly bright for today.

"You feeling okay?" Narcissa ask Topaz smiles up at her and says, "I'm fine other than being close to cooking," Narcissa eyes widen before quickly going back inside to come out a few seconds later and before Topaz could even ask. A young girl came with their order placing a small vanilla sundae and a cup of seaweed ice cream in front of them.

Topaz face scrunched up, poking the ice cream with a spoon now I know she never had ice cream before Narcissa thought as she watches Topaz try the ice cream for the first time.

"What do you think?" Narcissa asks

Topaz lifts her eyes, "I enjoy the seaweed flavor, but it will take some getting use to the other parts that make this," Topaz says

Narcissa nods eating her ice cream allowing a smile appear on her face breaking the emotionless mask she wears when she leaves the manor. "It's beautiful Topaz, can I hear you sing?" Narcissa ask

Sing? Uh hmm should I singing normally or should I try to sing the song my mate can only hear?

*please comment on either singing normally or the song for her mate?*

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