Chapter 27

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The next morning came fast for Corvus who got up early before any of his roommates woke up. He did his morning routine, dressing in his uniform with the Slytherin tie and badge on his outer robe being different from what he used to wear. He made his way to the common room, but more specifically the small pool that Topaz resides in.

"Topaz?" Corvus says keeping his voice low while his eyes searched for small bubbles a sign that she was surfacing.

"Early bird aren't ya," Topaz says with a smile on her flawless face.

"Sometimes, but what about you. Did you meet Dumbledore?" Corvus asks

"Yes and he didn't find me suspicious at all," Topaz says

"How did you manage that?" Corvus ask

Topaz shrugs before saying, "Simple I behaved as a child wanting to learn from the potion master who is Severus Snape," Corvus mumbled a wow.

"That means I will see you in the potion classroom and in the Great Hall," Corvus says

"Yes, to the potion classroom and no to the Great Hall. I'm sorry, but I can't stand seeing so much food that I can't eat," Topaz says and places a wet hand on Corvus cheek when his eyes dropped from her not being able to be in the Great Hall.

"Don't worry you will see me here, in the classroom and if I'm up for it maybe around the castle," Topaz says

Corvus nods covering her hand with his and her hand still being a little bigger than his, but his would grow.

"There you're we were looking for you," Draco says descending the stairs with Theodore and Blaise right behind him.

"I came to see how Topaz was doing," Corvus says while standing up from his kneeing position.

"I'm curious to know, but what will happen if someone uses a fishing rod in the pool you are in?" Theodora ask drawing a grin from Topaz.

"Depends if I'm in a good mood I'll just tell them to stop and suggest to go fishing outside in the lake. If not then I'll simply drown them," Topaz says

"Understood, but how do you-," Blaise quickly slapped his hand on Theodore mouth.

"I suggest we head to the Great Hall," Draco says and Blaise nods dragging Theodore with him before he digs is own grave.

"Can you tell Pansy that we went ahead to the Great Hall?" Corvus ask

"Yes," Topaz says waving at them. Other students came down from their rooms saying good morning to Topaz and a few of the young ones asked for a hug that Topaz was glad to give them. Even warning them they might get a little wet, but they didn't mind. Topaz spotted Pansy glaring at the boy she just gave a hug too Why is she angry?

"Harry, Draco, Blaise and Theodore left for the Great Hall a few minutes ago," Topaz say

Pansy nods and ask, "Thank you and do you always hug people?"

"Only the people I know and family, but I just couldn't resist giving the young ones a hug because they remind me of my little brothers and sisters," Topaz says Pansy expression soften why did it bother me who she hugged.

"You're okay?" Topaz ask lifting her torso to reach up to Pansy whose eyes widen at the sight of a top less Topaz.

Pansy gulps and says, "Why are you naked?" Topaz tilts her head in confusion.

"Only two legged people wear clothes and I don't like wearing it too much, but I will have to wear some in the classroom," Topaz says

Pansy nods I will have to find a book about sirens in the library she thought.

"I'll see you then," Pansy says before leaving.

-In the Great Hall-

"You should be careful when you ask questions," Blaise says Theodore raise his hands in defeat.

"I don't think there is much to worry about because Topaz is kind," Corvus says after munching on some toast with Draco nodding in agreement.

"Harry?" Neville ask walking up to the Slytherin table. Multiple of the Slytherin glares at him who tries his best to ignore them and focus on Harry.

"Yes?" Corvus ask keeping his eyes on Neville who takes a deep breath to calm himself.

"I want to warn you that Ron didn't take it well that you got resorted into Slytherin and he will use then rest of the Gryffindor's to cause you trouble," Neville says

"What about Hermione, Ginny and the twins?" Corvus ask

"Ginny supports Ron and Hermione has been silent, but the twins and myself will still be your friends no matter what house you're in," Neville says bringing a smile to Corvus face.

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