Chapter 19

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Lucius places the sorting hat on Corvus head.

Sorting hat: We meet again but not as Harry Potter.

Corvus: You knew?

Sorting Hat: Of course. The outside can be hidden or changed but not the inside.

Corvus: Why didn't you say anything?

Sorting Hat: Couldn't do it because the headmaster was watching and it was you who made the choice on which house to be in.

Corvus: When you said in Slytherin I would succeed the most was because I'm a descendent of Salazar Slytherin?

Sorting hat: Sometimes family places a part of where to put the children but it was not in your case. I said Slytherin from your own traits and personality because you can fit as a Gryffindor with your bravery which pushes your ambitions and cunning ways.

Corvus: I see everything would have been different if I didn't choice Gryffindor.

Sorting hat: Is not too late so do you want to be in the house you were meant to be?

Corvus: Yes.

Sorting hat say, "SLYTHERIN!"

Lucius removed the sorting hat from Corvus head, "Yes! I knew it you were going to be in Slytherin with me," Draco says and Corvus nods.

"The sorting hat told me I was supposed to be sorted into Slytherin my first year but I was under the belief of being Harry Potter and how much I was told the Potter were in Gryffindor," Corvus say.

"You honestly didn't behave as a Gryffindor your first two years," Lucius says as Narcissa and Tom nod in agreement.

"A trip to Diagon Alley must be in order since Draco needs his 3rd year books and materials while Corvus will need robes and uniform for this year. You got everything else, correct?" Narcissa asks.

"Not everything. Your wand was not in trunk that I recovered the second time I went back to that house," Tom says.

"It was broken by Vernon," Corvus says

"Damn muggles," Lucius says under his breath.

Corvus could feel the tension of the people surrounding him from him mentioning the Dursley's. A soothing voice fills the room relax its inhabitants.

Corvus smiles at Topaz before saying, "Thank you," she returns the smile.

"No problem," she says

"It was really beautiful," Narcissa says and the others agreed.

"Can you make people fall asleep with your voice or fall in love?" Draco asks

Topaz nods, "Yes to falling asleep but making others falling in love is a no. Siren do have a unique song that can be heard only by their mate," she explained

Narcissa shut Draco before he could even pose a question by saying, "You two go watch your hands dinner will be served in a few minutes," she turns to Tom, "you staying for dinner?"

He nods.

Narcissa urges the boys to leave along with Topaz who she had the elves make something she could eat.

Lucius went back to his desk to write Minerva a letter about the decision of the sorting hat.

"Oh that Dumbledore will not like this," Tom mused a smirk on his face as Lucius finishes the letter and grabs the sorting hat which he gives to the waiting owl.

"That's the plan," Lucius says

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