Chapter 3

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The goblin nodded, excusing himself to get the necessary potion, since there were strong spells on Harry. "Do you want me to call you Corvus or Harry?" Topaz asked. "Corvus" he answered without a second thought. Topaz nodded seeing the goblin return and take the seat he occupied just a few minutes ago. The goblin set the potion in front of Corvus who stared at it nervously, making the goblin grin at his nervousness. However, his grin was wiped as Topaz shot a glare his way as she gave Corvus' hand a squeeze of encouragement.

Corvus took a deep breath, then exhaled, grabbing the potion and drinking it in a single gulp. He shivered from the bad flavour of the potion, the goblin chuckled dryly at the familiar reaction, it never got old. Topaz watched Corvus' features change from pale skin, untamed black hair, and emerald eyes to longer hair, still the same colour, but tamer. His cheek bones became sharper, his eyes changed to grey with hints of green and red. He was still underweight, but his skin was not pale, instead it was fair so if he were to spend some time under the sun he might get a light tan. Topaz was still taller than him by a few inches, now though, he reached her breasts and, she was sure that when he was older he would surpass her height.

Topaz broke out into a grin, feeling some of his magic release, although most of it was held back by other spells. The goblin produced a mirror from out of thin air so Corvus would take a look at how he looked now, without the glamours. So this is what I truly look like. I like it, but I might have to continue using the glamour to keep up the Harry Potter facade. Corvus nodded at his appearance after looking at himself at different angles. Then goblin gave a card to Corvus, which was easier than carrying gold with him. "Thank you for your help, Grinffion." The goblin was taken aback at the sound of his name being spoken by Topaz as she stood up, with Corvus following her and nodding his head in thanks to the shocked Grinffion.

"How did you know his name?" Corvus asked. Topaz glanced at him from the corner of her eye, releasing a small sigh at the memory of tutors drilling information into her when she could not care less and instead wanted to have fun like other children her age. "I had to learn every magical creature's name, except wizards and witches. My race doesn't get along with them, if you ask them about sirens you would most likely hear something bad." Corvus clung to each word she spoke, as to not drown.

Topaz had to snap her fingers in front of him to get him out of the haze he was in when she spoke. It would not be the first or last time someone acted like that when she spoke. "You could be a teacher," Corvus said, Topaz giggled, the sound was music to Corvus' ears, along with the people around them who stopped what they were doing to listen. "Maybe, by the way, is there an ingredient shop?" Topaz asked looking at the odd shops that she had never seen before.

"You mean an apothecary?" Topaz nodded as she followed Corvus to the store where he pulled out a little bag that was filled with galleons and handed it to her. "I have to get some ink and parchment for my third year at Hogwarts. Will you be okay by yourself?" Corvus asked, a little hesitant to leave her alone in a place she'd never been before. Topaz nodded, reassuring him, but her words did the opposite, "I'm sure they don't know how to use my parts in a potion like they did in the past." Corvus was left, stunned, where he stood outside the shop while Topaz went inside. That doesn't make me feel better! He screamed in his mind, before turning around to go to Scribbulus.

Corvus opened the door to the shop, going straight to the clerk to place the order for ink and parchment. "Are you a new student?" Corvus turned to the voice, coming face to face with a dark skinned boy who was in the same year as him, the closer he looked at the boy the more he noticed his handsome features, along with his voice which had a hint of an Italian accent. "I'm helping a friend." Corvus answered just as the clerk returned with his order. Corvus paid for it and gave the boy a small goodbye. The boy smirked, watching Corvus leave, this might be an interesting year after all.

The inside of the store would disgust and scare anyone that was not used to potion ingredients. Topaz searched high and low for specific ingredients; frog brain, powdered unicorn horn, and the other were two magical fungi. Even the Potions Master watched her pick out her ingredients. What kind of potion needs those ingredients? Or maybe she might be stocking up. He doubted that she was stocking up since she was picking calculated amounts of her ingredients. He moved closer to her without her noticing as the strong scent of sea water hit him. This is odd, he wondered, his face scowling at the smell, but he was driven by curiousity.

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